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14 Interesting Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

February 12, 2022

70% of millennials love to purchase lab-grown diamonds due to a lot of amazing facts and qualities. But what about the rest of the people? Are they not familiar with the lab-grown diamonds? Or perhaps they are not fully aware of their features and specs?

Well, there might be a strong possibility that they don’t know enough about lab-grown diamonds, what makes them different, and why they have been growing in popularity. 

Needless to say, lab-grown diamonds are the current favorite of every lady today. And the reasons are just countless. They are not only excellent in appearance but also look exactly the same as diamonds. 

Let’s spark a detailed conversation today and explore some more exciting facts about lab-grown diamonds so that you won’t be hesitated to buy that stunning piece of jewelry for your engagement or wedding.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Also the Real Diamonds

Most people have one misconception in their mind- lab-grown diamonds are fake!

Well, that’s not true. Lab-grown diamonds are absolutely not an imitation. In fact, these jewelry pieces sometimes look more stunning than a real diamond. They are very identical in every way to the earth-mined diamonds. 

The diamond has the same physical, chemical, as well as optical qualities as earth-mined diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Created Under CVD and HPHT Processes

We all know that millions of years ago, the earth- mined diamonds were manufactured under harsh temperature and deep pressure inside the earth. This pressure takes time and energy to produce earth-mined diamonds.

However, things are changed today. With unique and advanced technology, you can grow diamonds in a laboratory and replicate what occurred underground with the help of CVD and HPHT processes.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Eco-Friendly

With any kind of diamond mining operation, you may see some harsh effects on the environment. The experts remove tremendous amounts of earth and utilize a lot of energy to extract these diamonds from the earth. 

These types of diamonds usually promote a highly responsible interaction with the atmosphere and environment. But producing lab-grown diamonds usually conserve energy, saves money, never impacts the environment, and keeps your costs down.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Sustainable

Earth-mined diamonds are not a sustainable source. They are getting scarcer due to limitations in supply. But this gap is efficiently filled by lab-grown diamonds.

They do not deplete natural resources and are available easily without causing any harm.

Available in Different Colors

Another interesting fact about lab-grown diamonds is, they are available in almost every color range. Whether you want to buy a red one or a royal blue matching with your dress and shoes, you can buy any color based on your needs.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Cheaper

Do you know why people choose lab-grown diamonds today?

They are cheaper yet they exactly look the same as earth-mined diamonds. Interesting, right? Well, yes, that’s true. Lab-grown diamonds are 20-30% cheaper than earth-mined diamonds- which makes them a preferred choice of every person.

Available in Different Cuts and Sizes

These lab-grown diamonds are not only available in different amazing colors, but they also come in various sizes, shapes, cuts, and settings. What’s your favorite cut? Whether you are looking for an oval shape diamond, princess cut, Emerald, or cushion cut, you can buy a diamond in almost every size, cut, and shape based on your requirements.

Their Global Demand is Increasing

Unlike other jewels and materials, the demand for lab-grown diamonds is increasing tremendously. Especially in the countries like the US, UK, and India, lab-grown diamonds are getting more popular as people love to try them on their special occasions. According to one estimate, their production has reached globally 2 million carats in 2018 and is now expected to increase to 20 million carats by 2026. 

Great Revolution in the Industry

Lab-grown diamonds are such a great revolution in the industry today. Unlike other earth-mined diamonds, these types of diamonds offer a lot of advantages over mined diamonds- which is why many industry experts are emphasizing the significance of these diamonds.

Graded as Per Same Parameters

Sind lab-grown diamonds are no different than earth-mined diamonds. They are also graded as per the same parameters as mined diamonds. Their qualities, features, and specifications everything is not different than mined diamonds which is why sellers follow the same parameters while showing them to the people.

Hard to Tell the Difference

Another amazing fact for diamond lovers. You don’t have to buy the expensive diamond ring today when you can easily get the less costly ring made of lab-grown diamond. The best part is, these diamonds are not different than mined diamonds. You cannot tell the difference between two forms with the naked eye as they are so similar in looks and features.

100% Crystallized Carbon

Lab-grown diamonds are also 100% crystallized carbon, which makes them more appealing than real diamonds. Many people believe that they are created using machinery and other processes so they are synthetic in nature, which isn’t true.

These are Not Diamond Stimulants

According to an estimate, lab-grown diamonds are not diamond stimulants which means they have the same properties, same features, and same appearance. Moissanite and zirconia are some common examples of these lab-grown diamonds.

Natural Flaws

You can spot some natural flaws in lab-grown diamonds due to the formation of the rocks. They will also have several tints of color like earth-mined diamonds.

Wrapping Up

Lab-grown diamonds are harder, brilliant, flawless, and look stunning in appearance. They are available in various cuts, colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them a desired choice for every woman today. So, if you are planning to buy lab-grown diamonds to save some bucks, then we hope that these facts might help you a lot in deciding. 

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