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5 Misconceptions about Moissanite Diamonds

June 23, 2022

Misconception 1: Moissanite diamonds are fake

Many people believe that moissanite diamonds are synthetic, so moissanite diamonds are fake. This idea is incorrect. The essence of moissanite is silicon carbide, which exists in nature, but because the production in nature is not high, natural moissanite diamonds are more scarce than diamond loose diamonds, the price is much more expensive than diamond loose diamonds . Thus, the moissanite diamonds used for gemstones today are going out to laboratories, but not because it is a synthetic gemstone is fake.

Misconception 2: Moissanite diamonds are of poor quality

The poor quality of moissanite diamonds is also an incorrect idea. Some people have already mentioned that the standard of hardness of moissanite diamonds is second only to the diamond loose diamonds, moissanite diamonds are also very good quality, the magic star diamonds in Belgium have long been D color FL/IF clarity level. In contrast to loose diamonds without color, Moissanite diamonds with pure color are also very good value for money. The brilliance of moissanite diamonds is also better than loose diamonds.

Moissanite diamonds

Misconception 3: Moissanite is a class of loose diamonds

Moissanite diamonds are also known as moissanite and it is very easy to misunderstand that moissanite diamonds are one of the categories of loose diamonds, but in fact they are not. Moissanite diamonds are not loose diamonds, but Moissanite diamonds can be used as a substitute for loose diamonds. While loose diamonds are made up of essentially 100% carbon, moissanite diamonds are silicon carbide. Moissanite diamonds and loose diamonds have similar optical properties and their composition is completely different.

Misconception 4: Moissanite diamonds are expensive

Make it clear that the price of a moissanite diamond is related to carat weight, color, purity, and laser cutting technology. The difference in each parameter signifies that the price is not the same.

Moissanite diamonds

Misconception 5: Moissanite diamonds are cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia is also a type of loose diamond substitute, but moissanite diamonds and cubic zirconia are two different items. Because of the low standard of hardness, cubic zirconia is very susceptible to scratches and lack of luster after a while of damage. This is why people who wear cubic zirconia need to remove and replace them often. Moissanite diamonds have a standard of hardness second only to natural diamonds and are worn for a longer period of time.

Moissanite diamonds make really good value for money, and moissanite rings look great when you wear them.