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5 Popular Types of Bracelets Every Woman Loves to Wear

October 26, 2021

Name one accessory that every woman loves to wear and style with different outfits.

Yes, we know that the answer may surprise you because unfortunately, it’s an overlooked accessory that everyone wears at some point in their life. Can you guess it?

Well, let us help. The answer is a bracelet. For centuries, bracelets have been an important part of woman’s jewelry that adds more charm to their personality. In fact, it makes the hand look more attractive and seductive. 

Most surprisingly, in some cultures, the item is associated with wealth and status. People who wear bracelets are considered to be more affluent. In essence, bracelets do not only enhance your personality but are also popular among women because of the feelings and symbols associated with them.

But the most difficult part is, choosing the right bracelet from a plethora of options. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of some popular bracelet types that every woman would love to wear. 

Bangle Bracelet:

This is the most common type of bracelet that every woman wears once in their lifetime. It’s the simplest of all kinds.

A bangle bracelet is generally a rigid kind of bracelet with no regular opening or clasp. You need to slide the bracelet over your hand while removing it. Due to its specific style, the bangle bracelet is comparatively loose and moves around freely like a bangle.

With a very thin bangle bracelet, you can complement the style with other similar bracelets that look good together. In case if the bangle is large enough to cover your wrist, then you don’t have to wear smaller bracelets as this single large piece would work as a statement piece. 

Bangles are extremely popular in every culture, especially in Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan where it’s an unavoidable part of every woman’s outfit.

Chain Bracelets:

Chain bracelets are also the favorite choice of every woman as they can wear them every day and with every outfit. This bracelet type is made of several metal loops joined together and creating a chain. Now there is a great variety of chain types to choose from, for example, the most modern and beautiful type is the 3.9CTW Moissanite Cuba Chain Bracelet that features 400 round moissanite that beautifully sparkles from all angles. 

These chain bracelets can be made from different materials such as metal, silver, and gold. These are stylish, valuable, and more durable choices than other types. 

The chain bracelets also have an opening or clasp so you can easily put them on. Some modern girls also attach pearls and beads to the chains and convert the bracelet into an elegant charm bracelet.

Chain bracelets are suitable for every occasion and even for everyday wear.

Tennis Bracelets:

One of the beautiful and sophisticated bracelet types is tennis bracelets. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or an anniversary, it’s a perfect accessory and best option for a gift as well. Not only that, but you can also wear it while playing tennis or basketball as this bracelet type blends in well with every outfit you wear.

Among all its types, the diamond line bracelet is the most popular one that features a beautiful string of diamonds that goes perfectly around the circumference of a wrist. Women also love to wear gemstone tennis bracelets due to their unique shape and expensive vibes; these bracelets comprise diamonds that make them an attractive option for women.

However, still, the most favorite choice is 4.4CTW Round Colorless Moissanite Tennis Bracelet that embellishes your wrist with dazzling moissanite.  You can choose any metal type and customize it according to your requirements and preferences.


Cuff Bracelets:

Cuffs bracelet is usually the most inflexible type of bracelet that is similar to bangles, but they also have an opening or a clasp. Due to this opening, you can easily wear it and put it off. The bracelet can move around your arm if loose. 

These cuffs bracelets are available in different sizes and varieties. Their wide cuffs, big and bold look make you appear more confident. That’s why many women prefer to wear thin cuffs as they are perfect for everyday wear and look good with all the outfits.

The best part is cuffs bracelets are unisex, they look gorgeous on both men and women. This bracelet type is made of metal, like gold or silver so they are more durable. For example, our pick is 1.0CTW Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Cuff Bracelet that is unique in shape and has round brilliant cut moissanite that sparkles from all the parts. It could be a perfect gift for your significant other.

Remember, some of the types are also made from leather that’s great for everyday wear.

Charm Bracelets:

Charm bracelets are the favorite accessories of teenage and young girls. It has been a popular choice since the 20th century. This was a period when WWII soldiers brought home some cute little items which were crafted by the locals of that place where the war began. These items were good keepsakes, and they could be attached with any chain. 

With time passing slowly, the idea of charm bracelets captured the attention of jewelers and brands. They evolved the design and made it more compelling and eye-catching. 

now you can find different types of charm bracelets that represent some specific themes and ideas. These bracelets are unique and versatile, you can put on multiple charms as a requirement.

These charm bracelets also make nice gifts and enhance your personality beautifully.


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