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5 Tips to Choose the Bracelet that Suits You

March 8, 2022

It’s okay to be a little obsessed with jewelry. After all, every woman loves to wear stunning pieces of jewelry that sparkles and looks fabulous. We bet that every time you go to the market or shop jewelry online, you must look for bracelets as these are the most incredible and effective items that make your personality graceful.

We agree that when you compare bracelets with other jewelry items, you will find them the most under-rated pieces among others. But when you wear a stylish, unique, and fashionable piece of bracelet, it would instantly make your personality stand out from the crowd. 

The trick is to flaunt your accessory wisely. But unfortunately, many people feel confused when it comes to choosing a bracelet. They couldn’t find something exceptional that suits them and hence end up with something that doesn’t even reflect their taste or personality.

That’s why we have come up with some amazing tips and tricks for choosing the right bracelet that suits your taste.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Size

One of the top picks of choosing the right bracelet is, knowing the size of your wrist. You can measure the size using tape and then ensure that your bracelet is not bigger than the size of your wrist as it could slide off your hand. Also, it shouldn’t be too tight to restrict the movements of your hand and you feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, a larger size bracelet won’t look perfect if you have narrow wrists. So, it’s better to do some research on the right size of your bracelet.

Choose the Style Based on Your Everyday Activities

Bracelet designs shouldn’t be outdated, monotonous, or boring. 

They are generally available in tons of designs and styles. You should choose it by observing your daily activities so it couldn’t get damaged. For example, if you are a college student, you need to choose a simple bracelet. If you frequently go to parties or dinners, then you need a little flashy and fancy style bracelet like 

3.9CTW Moissanite Cuba Chain Bracelet that looks prominent and gorgeous when worn with fancy dressing.

You can find great diversity in bracelets for women that are based on your personal style, taste, and everyday needs.

So, before you buy bracelets, make sure you evaluate the nature of your work. For example, if your activities involve some hectic work or you are too lively and social then you shouldn’t choose some elegant or delicate piece. Rather it’s best to choose a funky or chic style that can enhance your personality. 1.2ct Brilliant Cut Moissanite Stunning Bracelet is a perfect idea for people with busy lifestyles as it’s durable, long-lasting, and looks very classy in style.

If you are a party lover or frequently go on night outs, then you should invest in a stylish bracelet that can simply glam up your look for every day. For example, 1.0CTW Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Cuff Bracelet is a wise investment that gives you a more fantastic look.

Never Choose Quantity Over Quality

What’s the point of spending tons of money on a bracelet that you could only wear once or twice and it ends up broken after a few days? Make sure you are not only impressed by its external look and sparkle but also consider the overall quality of the bracelet before buying.

Investing in a high-quality bracelet can simply prove long-lasting. So, if you are fond of buying beaded or charm bracelets then make sure you are choosing the durable ones as they are the most delicate types of bracelets that could easily damage. So only a good quality bracelet can last for years.

Never Compromise on the Design

There are plenty of amazing varieties available for women’s bracelets. And that’s the reason, many ladies feel confused when they see a whole range of designs.

We recommend you experiment with different designs, colors, and types of bracelets, but do not compromise on the design that you like the most. Especially if it matches with your accessories, bags, or shoes, then it is definitely the right kind of bracelet. You can simply look for different bead colors, chain designs, and color-coordinated charm bracelets.

Make sure you keep your style, dressing, and personality in mind before choosing your bracelet. Do not agree to buy the lowest quality or outdated design if couldn’t afford the costly one. Explore other varieties or online retailers that could offer high-quality, unique designs, and affordable bracelets.

Choose the Stackable Bracelet

Do you know you can wear bracelets in different stylish and creative ways? Yes. That’s true. One of the best ways is to stack the bracelets over your wrist. Stacking bracelets offer a decent yet elegant look.

Not only that, but a stack of bracelets also adds a very playful look to your outfit. You can consider some mix & match with the bracelets you already have. So, if you want to get some playful look, make sure you choose the stack-ability of your bracelets.

Many bracelet designs look awesome when you stack them with the plain watch. Also, some bracelets come with an already “stacked design” which means you don’t need to stack them as they are already done by the creators. Choose various colors that match your outfit as it would further enhance your personality well.


So, that’s our guide to choosing the right bracelet that suits your personality and taste. If you have never considered the above ideas before buying the bracelet, then this is the right time to execute them and see how you end up buying an ideal bracelet for yourself. 

In the end, we would recommend you to choose a reliable online retailer like Provence Gems that has a proven track record in providing nice bracelets almost in every design. You can also share your requirements and the experts will help you design a custom pieces based on your needs and current jewelry trends.