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5 Top Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See in 2022

January 22, 2022

By now everyone is well-aware that nothing can stop the feelings of love, even a global pandemic couldn’t pause big celebrations like engagements and weddings.

Especially when you find someone special, you couldn’t wait to propose and select an engagement ring for them. Right? But alas, the biggest problem is- finding the right engagement ring for your partner that they always love and cherish.

On top of that, when you are overwhelmed with a lot of trends, varieties, and designs then it gets more difficult to choose something your partner will always love.

But don’t worry. We are here to help you in the decision-making process as we are going to present some popular engagement ring trends that you might see everywhere in 2022.

So, let’s make your special moment extra special and spectacular by getting a ring for your strong union.

Three-Stone Rings- Always a Big Hit

0.6ct Cushion Moissanite Three-Stone Style Unique Ring

Celebrate the moments of your past, present, and future with the beauty of a versatile three-stone ring that will never go out of style, not in 2022 and not in the coming years. 

Very few people know that this three-stone ring has made a comeback after years. But trust us, this is not your mom’s old three-stone ring with simple side baguettes that everyone is seeing for decades. 

We are talking about the three large beautiful stones engraved side by side in the same or different cut that makes a true style statement, and definitely a big hit among all the ring trends. People either call it “past, present, and future”, or just “bling, bling, bling” due to its extraordinary look. 

For example, these 0.6ct Cushion Moissanite Three-Stone Style Unique Ring and 1.2CTW Three-Stone Style Round Moissanite Ring are the most popular and favorite choices of every lady today as they feature round brilliant cut moissanite which makes the ring more charming, elegant, and unique.

Round and Oval Solitaire Rings

0.3ct Blue-green Oval Cut Moissanite Bezel Ring

Whether you love vintage, classic, or minimal style of rings, we are sure that you would love the elegance of simple, round, and oval-shaped solitaire rings that every bride is going to love in 2022. 

In fact, this ring trend has never gone out of style due to its sophistication and simplicity. However, the last few years were all about the popularity of cushion cuts and luxury princess cut gemstones. But now it looks like the brides are loving the beauty of these signature style rings more than ever. 

2022 brides and all the people around the world love the beauty and class of these rings as they are simply without any drama or extra fashionable look. Above all, these rings are best for an everyday look, which makes them a preferred choice. This 0.3ct Blue-Green Oval Cut Moissanite Bezel Ring ancient ring style is a wholly modern and charming ring best for both males and females.

The New Halo Style Rings

1.5ct Oval Colorless Moissnaite Solitaire Ring with Hidden Halo

Your engagement ring is a substantial investment. So if you are looking for something brilliant and eye-catching, then the new halo style ring will still be there in 2022. In this style, small diamonds encircle the big center stone and make it look larger while maximizing its overall beauty.

Many brands and designers tend to give this style a more unique upgrade according to new trends. From pear-cut moissanite to round moissanite halo styles, you won’t find these unique and innovative styles anywhere. 

An interesting thing is, you can find some of these styles on separate bands, so you can easily switch up the look from simple to more intricate styles.

1.5 Ct oval colorless moissanite solitaire ring with hidden halo and 1.5CT oval moissanite hidden halo with side accents engagement ring are now in trend and most favorite choice of brides in 2022.

Heirloom Engagement Rings with Contemporary Looks

Thinking of proposing to your special person? Why not choose an heirloom ring? 

Many families love sentimental rings as they once belonged to their mother, grandmother, or forefathers. Therefore, these rings have something particular in them which is loved by every member of the family. On top of that, these are more personalized kinds of rings that symbolize special attachment with the person. You can give them to your partner the way they are or customize them with other gemstones and metals to rework in several amazing designs. Including your family heirloom is also quite thoughtful and meaningful for the person.

If you want to little personalize them, make sure you choose a reliable designer or a brand that has expertise in designing a unique piece. 

Colored Gemstones- Loved by Every Lady in 2022

Most of us think that diamonds are the best friends of every girl. Do you also believe the same? If yes, you are wrong!

Because diamonds are the only friends of girls, especially in the presence of colored gemstones. Yes, diamonds might have the forefront popularity, but colored gemstones are also evolving rapidly with time and trend.

Now you can surprise your partner with their favorite color of gemstone that conveys your message of love and affection.

For example, the 1.0ct Light Blue Moissanite Special Engagement Ring features a beautiful light blue moissanite that could win the heart of your special lady on her big day. Its unique royal-like design makes the color more elegant and charming and complements your lady.

The best thing is these styles of rings are available in a moderate price range suitable for every budget. So, whether you want to engrave blue, green, pink, red, or black stone, it looks perfect.

Wrapping up:

Choosing your engagement ring is no longer a difficult choice especially when you follow these popular trends. If you want something more unique, fashion-forwarding, and bespoke engagement rings for your special person, then you can visit the entire collection of Provence Gems and select something meaningful that best complements the personality of your wearer. 

Our modern, artful, elegant, and timeless collection will surely please the heart of your partner and make them feel special and loved.