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6 Secrets You Should Know When Buy a Jewelry for Women

September 25, 2021

Jewelry is one of the most important and absolutely perfect gifts for a woman you love the most. It helps you express your intense feelings without having to say a word! 

However, choosing that perfect piece of jewelry for your woman isn’t an easy task. Imagine you bought her a diamond necklace, but she is fond of rings. This one wrong item loaded with lots of love and of course, great symbolism can ruin her whole mood- which you never wanted to happen, right?

The truth is jewelry is a very intimate gift. Every woman has different opinions and preferences when it comes to wearing jewelry that might be different from yours. In fact, sometimes buying a small piece of jewelry seems like a language you never spoke.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. 

We can help you find a perfect piece of jewelry for your woman at Provence Gems that has an incredible collection of items for every taste and budget. 

So, if you were looking to get that incredible yet budget-friendly piece for your adorable woman, have a look at this list of secrets we unleashed so you could end up giving a stunning item to your lady.

  • Give her something that she loves, not what you want to see her in:

So, do you want to find out something that your woman loves to get and think “yes that was the one I always wanted, and this is the most beautiful jewel in the world?”

Well, if you want that, then first love her and then know her. Without knowing her choices, tastes, and preferences, you couldn’t reach that level of perfection. 

And how you could do it? Listen and observe. Pay attention to even the smallest details that she share every day with you. At least you could get an idea about her likes and dislikes. 

We have also observed that every man makes the same mistake when gifting jewelry to her woman. They give her something THEY like the most and totally forget what their girl would actually want.

The fact is, whenever you buy jewelry, always keep one thing in your mind- give her something that she would love to wear on every occasion. And not something that you like. 

Jewelry is made to adorn your woman, it’s an extension of her powerful personality. And the fun part is, your woman will always give you a clue of what she wants.

Buy her something unique and intrinsically rare. Something that she can wear every day and even on occasions. After all, you would also love to see her giving priority to your gift among other items in her closet.

  • Look at her existing jewelry so you can get an idea at least:

Another secret to buying her perfect jewelry is, observe the items she already has. It will be a great help. You can get an idea about what she loves to wear. You can find out whether she wears small items like rings, simple things like bracelets, big earrings, or flashy necklaces? Also, note if she wears silver jewelry or gold ones? 

Paying attention to these small details can definitely help you get the right gift for your lady. What do you think?

  • Watch her window shop the jewelry:

Buying a perfect gift of jewelry is not at all difficult if you follow this trick.

Take her out someday and watch her window shop at the jewelry store. Find out what item has grabbed her attention the most. Observe her every action carefully and soon you will discover what items made her eyes sparkle.

  • Get professional advice or recommendations from her close friends:

If you want to end up with exactly something she likes, then this is the best idea to consider. Get recommendations from her closest friends you know. Maybe her sister could tell you what type of rings are her favorite? Or maybe her best friends could help you decide whether you should go for a necklace or earrings? 

And if you want to go the extra mile, go and get professional advice from people who actually deal in jewelry and know what women like the most.

For example, in our case, we would personally recommend you buy 0.2ct Colorless Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Pendant Necklace that features stunning center moissanite surrounded by moissanite accents.

We bet no woman can resist the mesmerizing sparkle of this masterpiece. If you don’t believe it, just give it a try!

  • Do not buy a ring for her unless you have plans to propose:

If she is not your partner or significant other, then giving her a ring is probably the worst choice.

Because it’s understood. When a man gifts a ring to a woman, her mind instantly thinks about wedding bells. Therefore, if you are in an early stage of a relationship, do not rush things soon and avoid creating any misunderstanding.

And instead of rings, prefer to buy a necklace, bracelet or a beautiful pair of earrings. 

However, if you are already married or planning to propose then do not forget to check the collection of Solitaire, Classic, or luxury rings that have fabulous sparkle and are good enough to win her heart!

When it comes to proposing your lady, you can even consider these tips to buy a perfect engagement ring, we are sure that you get YES in the answer!

  • Buy jewelry that has a personal meaning and sentimental value:

Whenever you plan to buy jewelry for your lady, make sure you get something personalized or sentimental. When you get something thoughtful, it shows that you have deeply thought about her before choosing. For example, a personalized ring with a birthstone or heart-shaped moissanite pendant necklace would be an incredible item for her that she would always adore.

What to do when you are in doubt?

Well, if you are still not sure what to buy for your woman, it’s recommended to get the help of jewelry experts who provide reliable assistance in choosing a perfect item.

Do not forget to approach us at Provence Gems especially if you couldn’t decide what to buy for an engagement or wedding. We will be happy to help 😊