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7 Tips to Choose an Ideal Wedding ring

February 15, 2022

Wedding Rings- One of the most sacred pieces of jewelry that symbolize, faithfulness, love, loyalty, and commitment. But unfortunately, we all talk too much about engagement rings sometimes, and totally forget about wedding rings. As a result, they do not seem to get a special attention that they actually deserve.

After all, you have to wear that stunning and delicate piece every day on your finger so why not choose it carefully and wisely by keeping all the important points in mind?

Yes, that’s quite essential today because the approach to choosing a wedding ring is different from an engagement ring. Many couples prefer to buy their rings together so they can feel the beauty of the moment. But sometimes one partner wants to surprise the other by giving them an ultimate piece of jewelry. 

If you are the kind of person who loves to give surprises, this is the right article for you as here you can learn some incredible tips to choose the perfect wedding ring for your partner that they will always love and cherish.

Mix Metals Wisely and Carefully

Wedding rings are usually available in two different types. 

One of the most popular types we all know is the wedding band. This type of ring is usually narrow, yellow, and somewhat plain which might have a couple’s name or pictures engraved on them. Now the second type of ring is a gemstone ring which might have a tiny side-stone in men’s ring, and sometimes a whopper in women’s ring.

Mixed-metal ring types are also quite common today. With each metal type, there will be a distinct meaning attached. For example, yellow gold metal is for fidelity, rose gold metal is specifically for romance as well as white gold is best for friendship. However, when you connect with a reliable jeweler, he will help you mix the rings wisely in single settings or combined ring styles based on your needs and preferences.

Check for Allergies

Colored gold metal is usually alloyed with copper, nickel, rhodium, silver, and different whitish metals. But sadly, some of the alloys cause severe allergic reactions. 

However, apart from adding different colors and other things, all of these alloys make the metal stronger and healthier, particularly gold. When the gold is in the pure 24k form, it seems to be very soft to forged into a piece of jewelry. 

But if your partner has some kind of allergy or skin problem, then it is recommended to avoid choosing these metals. It’s best to choose hypoallergic metals such as cobalt, titanium, palladium, and tungsten.

Do Not Forget About the Gemstone

As we all know that each gemstone carries different meanings that may vary across different cultures. For many people, emeralds signify great health, abundance, and fertility. 

For example, a couple who has recently lost their baby or suffered from different miscarriages should definitely wear that ring. Or if a couple wants to reconcile their vows after some incident, then emerald is a perfect gemstone for them.

If you and your partner share the same birth month, then you can also choose emerald. When you buy your wedding rings in pairs, it may save you some money and a way to express your love with matching jewelry. 

Choose Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are usually the special kind of wedding ring that symbolizes eternal love, and these are also called infinity rings. So, what could be a better wedding gift for your partner than the awesome eternity bands with perfect meanings? Eternity bands are often the promise of lifetime commitment and love with your partner. 

But it’s a little hard to resize these rings because of the arrangements of gemstones. So, these rings do not offer much ease or flexibility. But if you want to give your partner a gift of forever-ness, then these rings are probably the best choice. 

0.15CTW Art Deco Anniversary Wedding Eternity Band Ring is a great choice in eternity band collections that are affordable for every budget and suit every taste and personality.

Engraving, Resizing, and Cleaning

Many reliable jewelers help engrave your ring without demanding any money. However, many shops and jewelers will ask you for one or two weeks for engraving, so it’s better to shop the ring early so you can make any changes regarding engraving or resizing. 

Its also recommended asking for the costs of cleaning and resizing. Especially if the ring is intricate, you need more care and maintenance so that you could surprise your partner with a shiny and elegant piece of jewelry.

Customize the Existing Gems

Family heirlooms are just so awesome, look unique, and are an incredible treasure for a family. But now because you love your grandmother a lot, doesn’t mean that your partner should also wear that outdated ring. 

However, you can upgrade it a bit. If you want your fiancée to wear your grandma’s ring, then it’s better to take it to the jewelry shop and ask them to make your desired changes.

They can advise you about the way to customize the existing gemstone and change the entire setting in a modern way.

Consider their Lifestyle

We all tend to buy the rings with the biggest metals and prominent beads and stone, but we often forget that our partner has to wear the ring every day. So, first, consider their everyday activities and lifestyle. 

it’s better to buy something that they can wear without any hassle. It shouldn’t stick somewhere while they are cooking or get lost in the water while washing something.

Make sure you don’t buy something fancy, especially if they work in an office or somewhere, it may grab the attention of their colleagues every time they use their hands.


Buying a wedding ring is no longer a difficult choice today especially when you keep all the considerations in mind. However, if you are feeling a bit difficult, then it is recommended to visit the Wedding bands collection of Provence Gems and find out some elegant and delicate pieces of jewelry for your partner.