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8 Popular Types of Necklace Pendants Every Lady Should Own

March 9, 2022

If you are fond of wearing elegant jewelry that reflects your personality and style then we bet that you would be opting for necklace pendants as they have a very different yet unique look. But when it comes to choosing pendant types, you might feel overwhelmed due to the plenty of options available. Right?

Besides that, it’s also best to go beyond single strand necklace pendants as they might be a little old according to the latest trend. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to buying a pendant. 

So, if you are confused and couldn’t decide what could be the best necklace pendant for every event and occasion, then let us help! 

Here we have compiled a list of popular necklace shapes that are winning the heart of every lady today- due to their impeccable appearances. Without further ado, let’s get down and find out what necklace pendant would suit you the best.


Amulets- One of the most popular types of pendant necklaces today that is loved by every lady in the US.

These amulets are available in various amazing forms, shapes, and sizes. This amulet is basically a simple wearable piece that you can wear around the neck or even on the legs and arm. It is mainly a comfortable type of pendant that every lady can wear regardless of her age.

Another interesting fact about amulets is. Many people love to choose this accessory like a necklace because they believe this wearable possess tons of amazing spiritual and magical powers that can protect a wearer from different dangers and threats.


Lockets are another form of necklace pendants that girls love to wear every day. They are comparatively small, delicate, and more sophisticated which makes them ideal everyday wear for all the ladies. They are not only popular but also quite a favorite among young girls.

The locket is mainly a small and graceful decorative piece that usually opens when you push the ‘lock’ and it instantly reveals a tiny pace that could typically hold any photo, a curl of hair of your precious person, or sometimes the first letter of your name.

It is usually longer than a necklace and hangs around your neck. Many girls also add it to the bracelets for more charm.


The talisman is another favorite kind of necklace pendant that people love to wear to look a bit unique from others. 

As the name implies, Talisman is very similar to an amulet in meaning and symbols as it is also believed to hold supernatural powers and traits.

However, they are functionally different because the amulet is mainly a defensive object for the wearer. But talisman is much different. It is believed to have plenty of superpowers to confer multiple benefits or give some special powers to the person who carries this type of pendant.


Medallions are also an excellent choice in necklace pendants that look beautiful and sophisticated.

They are also quite meaningful and simple in look. If you have ever seen medallions, you must have felt that their shape resembles a coin that you can usually wear around your neck. 

Many people pin Medallions on their clothes as well.

In some cases, these necklace types are usually granted or gifted to someone during any religious ceremony or an important award occasion.

Fashion Pendants

If you are fashion enthusiastic, we are sure that you have tons of fashion pendants in your collection. It is also the most popular type of necklace pendant.

These types of pendants are basically small creative pieces that are either created with precious stones and gemstones or sometimes with high-quality non-precious stones.

There are lots of fashion pendants that are made of color diamonds, pearls, crystals, emeralds, rubies, and various types of gemstones. These pendants are designed to hang from the necklace freely.

Many girls love to wear this as a statement piece of jewelry pendants are worn as or ornamental fashion accessory to look unique from their friends.

Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants look very precious and delicate in appearance. Among all the pendant types, they look expensive and fabulous. In fact, these are stunning pieces of jewelry that every girl loves to receive as a gift.

But make sure the colors of your crystal pendant and its chain blend with each other perfectly. If the crystal is red and gold, then the chain must be in gold color to complement the style well. 

The interesting thing about crystal pendants is, they are best for date night. It looks very romantic and lovely and makes your personality more dignified.

You can find these crystal pendants in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even match the colors of crystals with your outfits and bags.

Teardrop Pendants

If you are looking for a simplistic pendant type that helps you maximize the overall design and size of the stone or crystal, then a teardrop pendant is probably a great choice.

Most of these teardrop pendants boast a very hard and durable kind of look, in fact, their shape resembles teardrops that make them a unique and statement piece of jewelry you would love to have in your collection.

Hamsa Pendants

Have you ever heard about Hamsa Pendants? If not yet, then let us share some features about it.

This is a pendant that has Middle Eastern origin as well as it resembles Hamsa which usually means “The Hand of God”.

This type of pendant is believed to be very unique, blessed, and powerful, which means it brings good health, long life, and happiness to the life of the wearer.


Have you ever heard about all these pendant types? Do you have any of them in your collection? These are the most favorite and popular types of pendants in 2022 due to their unique look and features. If you are interested to see a more stunning range of pendants, then visit Provence Gems which features an incredible collection of pendants for every occasion and personality.