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A variety of ring types suitable for different hands

September 30, 2021
  1. A ring suitable for shorter fingers

If you want to extend your fingers, you must choose a “long” shape of diamonds, such as oval, marquise or pear. A thinner ring will also lengthen the visual effect. If it suits your lifestyle, long nails can also make your fingers look slender. Generally speaking, a pear-shaped ring is round at the bottom and tapered at the top, which allows it to lengthen shorter fingers. For people with larger hands, a pear-shaped ring is also a good choice. The vertically inlaid marquise-shaped diamond also has the effect of extending the fingers after being used.

2ct Brilliant Cut Oval Shape Pave Band Engagement Ring

  1. A ring suitable for square hands and fingers

If the shape of your hands and fingers are square, the feminine design with smooth lines and the more rounded cut gems are your goals. To choose a round, oval or pear-shaped cut ring, if you encounter a square ring, such as a princess cut, please make a detour by yourself.

3.0ct Luxury Asscher Moissanite Split Twist Shank Ring

  1. A ring suitable for thicker fingers

If your fingers are more sensual, try to avoid smaller diamonds, because exposing too much skin on either side of the ring will make the width of your fingers more prominent. On the contrary, a large round diamond or diamond with a medium to wide shank not only attracts the eye, but also looks very thin. Asymmetrical and angular shapes, such as an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, also help create a more slender visual effect.

2.5ct Rectangle Moissanite Classic Halo Pave Engagement Ring

  1. a ring suitable for small hands

A smaller round, heart-shaped or princess-cut diamond matches the proportions of the small hands more closely. And such a delicate ring will look disproportionate on a larger, longer hand, but in any cutting method, a smaller gemstone is really suitable for small hands. Of course, if you are already interested in a delicate and small ring, stacking it with a wider wedding ring can create a richer look.

2.5ct Heart Shape Moissanite Twist Shank Engagement Ring

  1. a ring suitable for big hands

For those with larger hands, the small ring shape may look like wearing a fake ring. The large and bold design is definitely your personal order, don’t be afraid to try the gorgeous cocktail ring, because it will be very natural when you get started. Larger gemstones in the shank are very suitable for fleshy fingers, but you should avoid choosing a thinner shank.

Eye-catching Pear & Marquise Moissanite Two-stone Engagement Ring

  1. A ring suitable for slender fingers

Having slender fingers is what we dream of. If you are such a lucky person, you can try bold and vivid designs, such as a snake-shaped ring with a winding curve. The effect is great. Long fingers are also suitable for larger size gems, so you have a perfect reason to spend money on pigeon eggs. The combination of princess-cut and round diamonds inlaid with a wider shank also works well on longer fingers.