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Asscher Advanced Cut

December 2, 2022

💨The Asscher cut is an emerald cut that dates back a hundred years. The beautiful and unique cut of the Asscher is almost identical to the emerald shape, the difference being that the Asscher is square.

✨ It has now been modified and is a square cut. Originally tailored for diamonds, this cut was very popular in the 1920s and was also introduced into the design of many artistic jewelry pieces. By the end of the twentieth century, many celebrities chose such a cut stone for their engagement rings, and the Ascher cut was once again on fire.


The 🌟Asscher cut was first invented by Dutch diamond cutter Joseph Asscher in 1902 and became popular during the Art Deco period and after the First World War.

Perhaps the name Joseph Asscher is new to you, but you must have heard of the world’s largest diamond cut by him – the Cullinan.

The 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and was presented to King Edward VII of England by the South African government.

✨Joseph Asscher was called upon by King Edward III to successfully process the original diamond into nine gigantic diamonds and 96 smaller diamonds. The “Cullinan I”, also known as the “Star of Africa”, was set on the King’s scepter, and the “Cullinan II” was set on the Royal Imperial Crown and worn by the Queen of England The Queen wears it at the annual opening of the British Parliament.


The 🌟Asci cut is the perfect solution to the problem of increasing the brilliance of the stone and is very suitable and later used for emeralds. Applied to the emerald gemstone it is rectangular in shape, with other cut corners to form a nearly octagonal profile. The base is cut into symmetrical parallel facets that intersect at a point in the center of the base, replacing the former keel line cut standard, which was too shallow. The modified Asch cut front is square and the inside is like the entrance to a maze, the effect is very attractive.