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Before Buying a Diamond- 6 Things You Should Know

March 12, 2022

You have probably never purchased a diamond ring before, right? This means it’s the hardest process for you as there are a lot of things to check and consider before getting the right ring. Especially when it comes to buying an engagement ring for the person you adore the most, you need to take special care of many things so you couldn’t spoil the special moment.

To make sure you go through the process smoothly and end up buying a perfect engagement ring for your partner, here we have compiled a list of some amazing things that can help make the process easier. So, let’s find out a few things before buying a diamond ring for your partner.

Diamonds are Expensive, Compromise Carefully

We all know that diamonds are expensive which means they are unaffordable for most people today. Many first-time buyers find diamonds much more costly than they expected. So, if you really want to surprise your partner with a diamond ring, then it’s important to review your finances and check your budget. After that, look at the prices of diamonds and find out the ring that suits your budget.

If the price of your desired diamond ring is too high, then you definitely want to compromise on your dreams.

However, compromising obviously doesn’t mean that you need to buy a low-cost diamond which in fact is hard to find. You may find some fair deals at online retailers, but you have to check their carat, stone, and everything very carefully and wisely.

Maybe it’s better to buy a low-carat weight diamond. Besides you need to compromise on stone size to keep the price low.

There are Lots of Diamond Alternatives, Consider the Reliable Ones

Do you know there are tons of alternatives to mined diamonds? Some of them even look like the exact diamonds and you can’t differentiate between the real and the alternatives.

For example, lab-grown diamonds are the latest hit. They have overtaken the market like no other. And why not? They exactly look like real diamonds and have the same beauty, reliability, and durability rate.

The best part is they cost 30% less than the real diamonds. You can shop diamonds by their shape as well, such as Asscher, Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Heart, and many others.

Cut Quality is a Key Factor to Consider When Buying Diamond

When you decide to buy a diamond, cut quality should be your topmost consideration. Diamonds always come with a grading report delivered by a reputable lab like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). 

Now this report will include all the essential details you need to know, however, the easiest way to assess the quality of the stone is by evaluating the four C’s. Cut, clarity, color, and carat. 

These are not the only factors. You should still examine other details closely, but the grades will just be the indication that your diamond is of high quality.

Moreover, a well-cut diamond will make all the color and clarity flaws less noticeable.

Diamonds are Available in Different Shapes

Many people prefer round-shaped diamonds as they look more elegant than others. 

But the diamond is available in plenty of awesome shapes. You will find a lot of non-round shapes that stand out from others in the list. You can even get them at discount rates as compared to round diamonds. 

Some of the non-round shapes actually appear bigger and more prominent than rounds of the same carat diamond. The reason is, they are available in an elongated shape or sometimes in a diagonal length due to which they appear bigger. The second most preferred shape of diamond is princess cut

Pear and oval-shaped diamonds are also quite popular today.

Choose the Best Ring Style

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, people tend to choose rings that have center diamonds and ignore all the other styles. We are not arguing that diamond is not important, but at least you should choose a unique style ring that also reflects the personality of the recipient. How you feel about the ring, makes a lot of difference.

The style of your ring also affects the overall appearance of a diamond. From cut to setting and metal colors, like white, gold, or rose, everything plays an important role in making the ring look unique.

It’s recommended to take some time in choosing what kind of setting you want for your partner. You can choose from plain, intricate, or something extremely stylish. Many people also appreciate the appearance of classic diamond rings. While some choose a halo setting. If your partner is a bit traditionalist or minimalistic, then it’s better to choose a solitaire setting. 

However, if your special person loves fun and entertainment, and a little jolly, then you should choose a ring that is fancy and has some extra sparkle as it would suit the personality and preferences of your recipient.

Do Research Before Buying a Diamond Ring

Doing complete research before buying rings is probably a good idea. Especially if you are spending thousands of dollars, then you should always ensure that your ring looks good and you are paying for the quality that is durable and long-lasting.

However, different factors influence the quality of a diamond. No matter how much research you all do, you cannot judge the ring like an expert. Therefore, its recommended to follow expert suggestions before buying a diamond ring. They have better experience and lots of knowledge so they can help you decide a right choice.

Ending Thoughts

If you are buying your diamond ring online, then it’s better to do proper research about the manufacturers and the quality they offer. But make sure you consider all the above-mentioned points before finalizing a ring for your partner. If you need expert recommendations, you can simply visit Provence Gems for more details and check all the latest collection of engagement rings to make your partner feel extra special on this happy occasion.