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Best Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your First Anniversary

April 2, 2022

Are you going to celebrate your first wedding anniversary with your wife? If so, you must be looking for some unique and incredible anniversary gift ideas to surprise your spouse. Right? Well, we believe that first anniversaries are very important and such an exciting milestone in every couple’s life. 

So why not make it extra special and memorable with awesome gifts that she adores for the rest of her life? Especially if she likes jewelry, then you don’t have to put a great degree of effort and money into finding the right gift. 

You have spent one year together happily, so it’s time to cherish the memories and promise to spend happier years ahead. Coupled with a beautiful piece of jewelry, this promise will be more valuable for your partner. 

If you are confused about what could be an ideal piece of jewelry for your partner, then don’t worry. Here we have included all the stunning jewelry gift ideas that make your partner smile ear to ear on this special day of the year.

Beautiful Moissanite Ring: To Show Commitment and Dedication

Your first wedding anniversary rolls before you even know it. You might not even be prepared for it but you also want to make it special. In fact, many couples still deal with different expenses such as honeymoon and new living arrangements.

The budget is tighter but you also don’t want to make her feel bad on this special day. Therefore, a beautiful moissanite ring would be a great choice even on your limited budget. The reason is, moissanite is just similar to diamonds both in shape and overall appearance. However, moissanite is a bit more inexpensive choice than diamonds which is why you don’t have to spend tons of money on anniversary shopping when moissanite is an option to consider. 

For example, the elegant 1.2ct Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Classic Solitaire Style Ring is an ideal choice for your partner. This simple and gentle ring can make anyone feel happy as it features round brilliant moissanite surrounded by 4-prong which makes it look expensive and fabulous as well.


Give Her a Thoughtful Bracelet:

If your wife loves to wear bracelets, but you have the least ideas about what could be a better choice then don’t worry. We’ll help you choose the best bracelet for your wife on this special day.

Most women love classic minimalist style bracelets, if you think she will love them too then a bangle bracelet is probably a great choice to consider.

A bangle bracelet also looks wonderful with various clothing styles and is a most flattering piece of jewelry than others. Have a look at a few more bracelets to consider for your other half:

Get a Perfect Sentimental Necklace for her:

All women love sentimental jewelry. So, you can choose any kind of sentimental necklace without any doubt, because your wife will surely be going to love it.

A sentimental necklace is probably the best first-anniversary gift for your wife. Especially if she loves wearing unique necklace types. To find a great necklace for her, you need to think about her preferences, color choice, and taste. 

For example, does she love to wear long pendant necklaces? If so, a heart-shaped moissanite pendant necklace is a great idea to consider. Or if you have seen her wearing short necklaces, then maybe a chain necklace works best for her.

It’s also much important to think about her everyday duties and responsibilities. If she is a housewife, you can consider any choice but make sure it’s not too long as it could irritate sometimes while managing household chores. 

Earrings – A Gift of Style and Love:

When shopping for earrings, many people get confused. The reason is, tons of designs, styles, and shapes can confuse anyone. Especially if a person has zero knowledge about jewelry, then it is very difficult for him to choose the right pair of earrings.

If you also find yourself in the same situation but your partner loves to wear unique earrings every day, then you need to win her again with a set of elegant earrings. Consider these ideas to shop for the best earrings based on your partner’s personality.

  • If your partner loves small and delicate jewelry, solitaire stud earrings will probably make her happy that she can wear them every day.
  • If she loves unique items that highlight facial areas more beautifully, then halo sunflower earrings would definitely please her the most.
  • If you have seen her wearing traditional items more, then we would recommend choosing moissanite stud earrings that suit every taste and personality.
  • For fashion enthusiasts’ wives, moissanite hoop earrings are the game-changer. They love it more than other pieces of jewelry as they look well with every dress they wear.

Some Personalized Jewelry Gift Ideas:

Personalized jewelry can make anyone happy and surprised. There are lots of choices when it comes to buying the best-personalized jewelry. Make sure you prefer her style before picking an item. Some of the most popular personalized jewelry ideas are:

  • A beautifully engraved locket containing a picture of a couple
  • An elegant ring with her birthstone
  • Any jewelry item that features a birthstone of your marriage month/year
  • Sentimental jewelry that reminds her about any special date, day, or memory.
  • Jewelry with her favorite-colored stone

Shop the Best Anniversary Jewelry from Best Professionals:

Another important thing to consider is, to choose the best professionals that years of expertise in providing jewelry for different occasions. The experts know all the latest trends, a person’s preferences, and everything worth the purchase. 

Therefore, it’s better to trust professionals that have been in the business for years, like Provence Gems. We have a stable reputation in the industry and perfect knowledge about creating and providing stunning jewelry items. Visit the website and choose something special for your partner on this special day.