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Can I choose an incubation diamond for my wedding ring?

November 22, 2022

Since the birth of cultivated diamonds, there are many people who have a lot of doubts about them, so today we will talk about what lies about cultivated diamonds!

Lie #1: Cultivated diamonds are not real diamonds!

In the classification of gemstones, diamonds are divided into natural diamonds and cultivated diamonds, and cultivated diamonds are of course real diamonds, but the word “cultivated” only means that they are obtained artificially, which means that they are different from natural diamonds mined in nature. Because a cultivated diamond is a product of the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as a natural diamond, a cultivated diamond is also a diamond. Also in 2018, the industry giant De Beers launched its own brand of cultivated diamonds, lightbox.

Lie #2: A cultivated diamond is a moissanite!

Moissanite diamonds are synthetic carbon silica, while cultivated diamonds are single carbon crystals, and cultivated diamonds are diamonds like natural diamonds, while Moissanite diamonds are imitation diamonds, both of which have different properties and are two completely different substances.

Lie ③: Cultivated diamonds can not pass the diamond testing pen?

Cultivated diamonds must be able to pass the test of the pen, unless the pen is faulty, cultivated diamonds 100% can pass the test of the side pen!

Lie 4: Cultivated diamonds are not as good as natural diamonds?

As the cultivated diamond growth environment is strictly controlled, the appropriate temperature and pressure and less interference from impurities, than the unstable natural environment is more conducive to the formation of high-quality diamonds, on the market, the 4C quality of cultivated diamonds are likely to do better, such as cultivated diamonds are easy to appear D color, but D color in natural diamonds is not everywhere in existence.

Nowadays, more and more young consumers are choosing the more cost-effective and better quality cultivated diamonds for their proposals and wedding rings. With the current trend of cultivated diamonds rising in popularity, more people will accept cultivated diamonds from the heart!