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Common Engagement Ring Styles.

November 17, 2022

One of the most important steps when purchasing an engagement ring is to determine the type of engagement ring. The common engagement ring styles available today range from the classic solitaire to the modern gorgeous halo style diamond ring, each type of ring reflects a unique style charm, here are the common engagement ring style types

Ring Styles
Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire ring is usually set with a single diamond in a six or four claw band and is currently one of the most popular engagement ring styles, with an elegant, simple and timeless style. Solitaire engagement rings also come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as some of the narrower bands, which give the diamond a larger effect, and other ring styles with wider bands for a very textured look.

Studded Engagement Rings

A pavé engagement ring has very small diamonds set throughout the band, giving the diamond a sparkling surface.

Because the pave diamonds are held in place using only tiny prongs, there is virtually no metal band to pass through and each diamond seems to stand on its own. Small diamonds can be paved over the entire ring or stop halfway through it (semi-pavé). The small diamonds are closely set and fused together to produce an extraordinary fire.

Orbit Set Engagement Rings

An orbital engagement ring is a track set directly into the ring arm, into which the diamond is set – no claws are used. This setting allows the diamond to sit flush with the arm, making a channel setting stronger than other designs and less likely to hook on clothing, etc. When choosing a stone shape for a channel set ring, a princess square cut is a good choice because its square edges ensure that there are no gaps between the stones.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

A three stone engagement ring consists of a central diamond and two side diamonds, which accentuate the size and fire of the central diamond. The center diamond is usually set a little higher to complement the side diamonds and add depth to the ring. Round or princess square cut diamonds are the most popular main stone shape in three-stone engagement rings, and most center stones are claw set, which effectively distinguishes the center diamond from the setting.

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Tension set engagement rings are a more modern style of engagement ring in which the diamond is held in place by the tension of the band so that the diamond appears to float in the air, without any prongs. Tension set engagement rings are a safer style of ring because the entire ring is held in a tighter position than the split setting. Since tension set diamond rings expose the entire diamond, the shape and cut of the diamond is extremely important. Round, princess and emerald cut diamonds are among the popular choices for tension set bracelet rings.

Halo-Set Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring has a center stone as the centerpiece surrounded by smaller pavé set diamonds. The smaller diamonds give the main center stone more volume and add to the overall fire of the ring. The traditional halo engagement ring is a more modern interpretation of the classic solitaire ring. Halo engagement rings are also available with a variety of shapes and sizes of center stones, such as round, pear and oval diamonds.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage and antique engagement rings offer the rugged design techniques of modern engagement rings, with the beauty and sophistication of vintage rings. Vintage engagement ring designs often draw inspiration from the design styles of different periods and are set with modern cut diamonds to maximize the brilliance and reflective properties of the diamond.