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Designing Your Own Ring vs Buying Ready-Made Ring

January 12, 2022

Finding a perfect engagement ring for your special person needs a lot of care, consideration, and decision-making. Among all the decisions and considerations, the most important one is whether you should buy a pre-designed engagement ring or a custom ring for your partner.

Depending on your choice, your partner’s preferences, and specific situations, there are lots of pros and cons associated with both decisions. Buying a pre-designed engagement ring saves your time, and by designing your own engagement ring, you can simply add a more personalized touch to it. 

Whatever option you choose, it’s better to concentrate on both ideas. We have outlined some important elements so you can easily decide what is the right choice for you and your partner.

Why Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Many couples prefer to design their own engagement ring. However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration but they still prefer something more personalized and unique.

So, it’s best to personalize the design of your ring depending on your choice and lifestyle. By doing this, you can ensure that your ring looks exactly the way you have dreamed, and it’s all your creativity and sense of design that your partner wears on a special day. This feels like a beautiful journey that every couple loves to take together and makes the ring more symbolic and special.

Pros of Designing Your Ring:

Have a look at a few pros of designing your ring.

  • You can create a kind and unique ring:

What could be a better way to express love for your partner than giving him a unique and innovative kind of engagement ring? When you create your personalized ring, it would be the most special gift for them.

  • Guaranteed quality:

Pre-designed rings are created based on old standards and trends. But your custom jewelry piece is designed according to new trends by a local craftsman.

  • You can get involved with the designing process:

When you design your own ring, you will have a lot of control over the process. You can contribute to the designing process and recommend the designers make changes accordingly.

Cons of Designing Your Own Ring:

  • You must know styles and trends:

To design your own ring, you have to be a bit knowledgeable about different things and trends. You should have an idea about the ring settings, designs, gemstones, as well as diamonds. However, a reliable brand like Provence Gems can simply help you throughout the process so you can have the best custom piece.

  • The Price could be higher:

As you are designing your own custom ring, the prices may be bit higher than pre-designed rings. 

Why Choose Pre-Designed Rings?

Now that you know the pros of designing your own custom ring, let’s find out the reasons to choose a ready-made ring for your partner. 

These rings offer a lot of benefits too. You can easily select any design you want and pay upfront. You can have a detailed look at the catalog and choose anything you see is perfect for your partner.

  • You can save a lot of time:

Picking from a pre-designed collection of rings saves a lot of time. All you have to do is choose from the catalog of your designer and see the different designs they offer. If applicable, you can choose your desired material, diamond, or gemstone, and a perfect ring will be available based on your preferences.

  • You can still customize the ring:

We all know that ready-made rings are mass-produced but it doesn’t mean that you cannot customize them according to your choice. Some reliable brands and jewelers can give you plenty of customization options, such as what gemstone you need to add, what setting you prefer, what engravings will look best, and what type of metal you want to choose.

  • Buying a ready-made ring is quite easy and simple!

Buying a readymade ring from an extensive collection is much easier than designing your own ring because it requires a lot of time and effort, and if you are in a rush, you cannot put much concentration and think into it. Shopping for engagement rings is a complicated endeavor in different ways, so for many people, it feels quite unnecessary to complicate things further even designing the ring by themselves.

Cons of Buying Ready Made Rings:

  • Readymade rings aren’t a unique choice:

Yes, that’s true, readymade rings are simple and not unique. These rings only symbolize your love and commitment, but they do not symbolize anything personal and meaningful which makes them a random choice.

  • You need some know-how:

When you buy a ready-made ring, you must have proper knowledge and information about its setting, material, diamond, and cut. If you are not focusing on these things, you may end up buying the wrong ring for your partner that doesn’t even last long.

  • You need time to choose:

Buying readymade rings also requires a lot of time and thinking. Many people do not like options available on the catalog, and they want to see other options as well. When they switch to different brands and options, they also feel confused and couldn’t decide what is the right option to choose.

  • They are a bit costly:

Readymade rings are a bit costly. They have engraved diamonds and some unique settings that make them unique, and you cannot ask the designer to compromise on its price. But when it comes to custom rings, you can ask the designer to change certain things to lower the price.

What is the Best Choice? Readymade or Custom Rings?

Regardless of whether you want to choose a readymade ring or a custom ring, you need to select something best, sustainable, and durable that lasts for years. So whatever option you choose, make sure it’s according to your partner’s choice and preferences so you both could enjoy the beauty of your moments together. 

If you are confused about choosing the right option, visit Provence Gems and find out our incredible collection of engagement rings that match every need and budget.