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Differences Between Natural Diamond & Lab Grown Diamond

August 6, 2021

The difference between the two can be mainly divided into these points:

Origin – natural diamonds are formed underneath the earth’s surface, while lab-grown diamonds are grown above ground in a highly regulated environment.

Time – natural diamonds are 3 billion years old, while a lab-grown diamond only takes 6-10 weeks to grow depending on its size.

Price – Lab-grown diamonds can be up to 20% – 40% less expensive than natural diamonds. This competitive pricing makes them appealing to many couples.

However, it is worth mentioning that lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same crystal structure as earth mined diamonds and are optically, chemically and physically identical to earth mined diamonds.  

Advantages of lab grown diamond: 

  • The price of Lab Grown diamonds are between 50-70% cheaper than earth mined diamonds.
  • Lab Grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and are 100% conflict-free.
  • Lab Grown diamonds are certified by IGI and laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone stating the certificate number and a reference to being Lab Grown.
  • When buying a Lab Grown Diamond you could get a bigger diamond and/or better quality than an earth mined diamond, for the same budget.

Lab grown diamond and natural diamond have the same properties, but cultivated drills are more advantageous than natural drills in terms of mining methods and prices. So cultivating drills can be a better choice.