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engagement ring to buy gold or diamond ring

January 6, 2023

A, engagement ring to buy gold or diamond ring
1、Buy a diamond ring when the engagement ring and the proposal ring are the same
Some couples believe that the engagement ring and proposal ring should be the same, engagement with the proposal to buy a diamond ring, if the man’s financial ability is stronger can also buy a diamond ring in the engagement, the diamond has always symbolized the fidelity of love, purity, as a token of marriage, with a diamond ring as an engagement ring is also a good choice.

2, engagement rings and wedding rings like on buy a pair of rings
If the newlyweds are using the same engagement ring and wedding ring, they usually buy a pair of rings to represent the change in status of both parties. The material of the engagement ring can be chosen from gold, platinum or k gold, and the newlyweds can pick a ring that is comfortable to wear according to their budget and ring style.

Second, the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings
1, engagement rings are suitable for wearing at the engagement ceremony, wedding rings are worn at the wedding ceremony.

2, engagement rings are inlaid with gems and other ornaments, and is no seam ring, the symbolism is that the love of both sides is pure and flawless, so that others seamlessly drill; and wedding rings are generally rings, is a token of love exchanged between men and women in the wedding ceremony.

3, engagement rings are not allowed to have any words engraved on them; wedding rings can be engraved with the surname and initials of both men and women and the date. The engagement ring, like the wedding ring, must be high purity white gold, yellow gold or silver, and the man wears it on the ring finger of the woman’s left hand in public and kisses the woman’s hand.

4, engagement ring is not necessary to prove the validity of the engagement. Some people think that an engagement ring is as essential as a wedding ring, but this is not the case, and many wives never have an engagement ring.