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Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Bands- What’s the Difference?

October 26, 2021

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?

We know it sounds like a dumb question, but in reality, this is one of the most frequently asked questions from most buyers today. Because a regular engagement ring is a bit different from a wedding ring. Therefore, when it comes to shopping for an impeccable ring to propose, you need to be very careful.

Well, according to tradition- wedding bands are the wedding rings that are worn by both persons, bride, and groom. However, engagement rings are a bit more flashy and only worn by a bride-to-be. Now the bride wears her wedding band exactly under the engagement ring. Sometimes bride-to-be chooses not to wear a wedding band and only focuses on wearing an engagement ring.

So, it’s clear. Wedding bands and engagement rings are not the same. Let us explain what are the common differences and what is the importance of both rings.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Band:

Now that you know the difference according to the tradition, let’s learn some other major differences before you buy an engagement ring or wedding band for your dearest person.

  • Engagement Ring:

Engagement rings are usually presented to the love of your life while proposing. When you both decide that yes, you two are compatible with each other, you decide to buy rings and get engaged. 

Generally, your engagement ring comprises one dominant stone set of different styles. However, if you want to go a bit modern, then it’s recommended to choose three-stone ringsHalo and Solitaire rings are the most popular choices. In fact, these are considered ideal for a modern couple.

  • Wedding Band:

Now let’s talk about wedding bands. These are the special kind of rings that two persons usually exchange during the wedding ceremony. It’s just a tradition and official symbol of your union with each other. 

Many people prefer to wear both rings together as it’s the tradition. Especially if both rings are complementing each other or one ring is created specifically to be worn with a wedding band. Most wedding rings are sophisticated and simple, they do not contain any large stones or have central dazzling gemstones.

Sometimes these rings are a plain band of metal. There is also a great price difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band. You will also find a less carat weight in the wedding ring and more weight in the engagement ring, even if your wedding ring is inlaid with three or four gemstones.

Some perfect examples of wedding bands are, 0.45ctw Classic Round Moissanite Eternity Ring Band that features Bezel-set moissanite, 0.8ct Emerald Moissanite Trellis Eternity Band with emerald moissanite, and 0.9CTW Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Band with prong diamonds shimmer. These are the preferred choices of most couples today due to their simplicity, decency, and unique designs.

Both wedding and engagement rings are worn on the 4th finger of the hand which is also called the ring finger. It represents your love, devotion, dedication, commitment, and faithfulness.

How Should You Wear Both Rings?

Now that you know the differences between a wedding band and an engagement ring. Let’s learn how should you wear them so that they can look prominent.

The wedding ring should be worn on your ring finger first. In that way, it would reside close to your heart and your love will grow for each other. Hence, the engagement ring looks best on the outside (after the wedding ring.)

According to Egyptian beliefs, exchanging rings is a symbol of true love and commitment that binds two souls in a bond of love.  

Ancient Egyptians believed that the vein in our 4th finger runs directly to our heart which (symbolically) strengthens a connection between two persons.  

After that, Romans also adopted the same tradition. Spreading it throughout Rome and Egypt, it also became a US tradition. However, in reality, there is no such thing exists and no such vein run towards the heart. It’s just a tradition and symbolism that tells us this story.

Many people prefer to wear engagement rings and wedding bands together. Designers and brands specifically design both rings so they can match and complement each other. 

Designers make sure that when both rings are worn together, they sit nicely on the finger and do not cause any scratches or other damages of metal to the fingers or stones. They also ensure that when both rings are worn together, they do not cause any issues during movement or do not twist around the finger and create misalignment.

At Provence Gems, we have a team of experts who work with clients based on their needs and style preferences. We make sure that we create engagement rings as well as a wedding ring set together in a unique style so that they match or complement each other. 

Some Other Considerations:

If you want your ceremony to go well without any last-minute problems, make sure you order the wedding rings at least three months before the date. Your designer needs some time to make it according to your requirement. When you give him enough time, he can easily work on its parts, and you will also have lots of time to customize it. 

We have seen that many couples prefer to design their engagement rings together. Now, this was a scenario that was generally common for wedding rings. So, when it comes to choosing wedding bands, it would be their second experience of buying their rings together, however, this time they may have different considerations.

Couples can consider the plethora of options when it comes to choosing wedding rings. Some people prefer to get matching wedding bands (with each other), without considering the style of their engagement ring. While many couples choose the rings based on their own tastes. Honoring your personal preference is extremely essential. 

There are also different options for stones and metal. You can make something truly inspirational according to your taste and budget.


Whatever ring you want to choose for your big day, there are no hard and fast rules in choosing the design, style, and color of the ring.

Yes, the sky’s the limit and you can consider thousands of new ideas and even work with a talented designer or brand who can guarantee that you are making the best long-term investment. 

At Provence Gems, we make sure that you choose the right combination of rings that is more than just a simple ring but also a pure representation of love and dedication. Visit our website and check the exclusive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands for making your big day an extra special.