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Heart-shaped Moissanite diamond ring is too beautiful, girls like the most styling

June 22, 2022

Heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings are associated with “sweetness and romance” and are a favorite shape for most girls. With its popularity in the market, the heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring style is also very fancy, so heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring is good? Here’s a look at how good heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings are, and learn more about heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring styles, prices, and more.

Heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring features

There can actually be two kinds of heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings.

One is the moissanite diamond ring with a heart-shaped moissanite diamond as the main stone; the second is the moissanite diamond ring style with the claw seat part of the ring set into a heart shape.

Technically speaking, a true heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring refers to a heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring. This type of Moissan diamond ring has a heart-shaped main stone, which is a different shape from the common round Moissan diamond, signifying romance and sweetness.

How about a heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring

Louis XIV of France was an avid lover of heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings. He used to collect countless heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings and could not resist the mysterious charm of heart-shaped moissanite diamond rings.

How about heart-shaped moissanite rings? Heart Cut (Heart Cut) is a fancy cut with 59 facets. It is based on a pear-shaped cut, polished at the top with an inclination, and has strict requirements on the proportion and symmetry of the cut. A perfectly cut heart-shaped Moissanite diamond ring looks very regular and delicate.

Heart-shaped Moissanite diamond ring is related to its own good or bad cutting, the ideal aspect ratio of heart-shaped Moissanite diamonds is 1:1 to 1:1.2, once the ratio is not appropriate, it is likely to have a bow tie effect; traditional heart-shaped Moissanite diamonds, the two shoulders can not be too high / too low, otherwise it will greatly reduce the degree of beauty, and reasonably cut Moissanite diamonds set into the Moissanite diamond ring, it also looks more beautiful atmosphere;.

Heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring styles

Belgium and other major international brands have classic heart-shaped moissanite diamond ring styles. Among them is the Magic Star Diamond Collection K gold with moissanite diamond band, bead chain style side set moissanite diamond surrounds the heart shaped main moissanite diamond engagement moissanite ring, the charming platinum band set with dazzling heart shaped main moissanite diamond, under the ring of bead chain style moissanite diamond, it is more elegant and luxurious.