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How to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond in 2022?

December 18, 2021

Growing diamonds unnaturally in a lab sounds very much like a science fiction story, but it has also become a popular trend of buying lab-grown diamonds as they are extremely cost-effective than natural diamonds.

And why not? After all, our very famous personality Meghan Markle is also fond of wearing lab-grown diamonds due to their dazzling charm and sparkle. In 2019, she was spotted wearing a beautiful pair of earrings embedded with sparkling diamonds that were just produced in 5 days in Antwerp.

Lab-grown diamonds are also called man-made diamonds that are created by humans in laboratories through different techniques that mimic natural diamond creations. After production, you find a diamond that looks truly natural and sparkling like a real diamond. 

Whether you use lab-grown diamonds in earrings, rings, or bracelets, they exhibit the same elegance as natural or mined diamonds but comparatively a less expensive solution. So, if you are planning to buy lab-grown diamonds next year, it’s important to check some elements and learn tips before buying a lab-grown diamond in 2022.

Why Should You Buy Lab Grown Diamonds?

There are a lot of tangible benefits associated with lab-grown diamonds, that’s the reason every person prefers to buy lab-grown diamonds instead of costly natural diamonds that are not even affordable for a common person:

  • In lab-grown diamonds, there is no mining involved which means these diamonds are completely conflict-free and there are no strict procedures applied during their creation. 
  • Another reason to buy lab-grown diamonds is, they are produced in a lab in a very controlled environment that’s why they are quite pure than natural diamonds that manufacturers blast out of rocks using dynamite. There are lots of geological processes involved in mining natural diamonds that made them extremely chaotic when compared with clinically grown diamonds in a laboratory. 
  • Lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper than mined diamonds. Though they will have the same weight, color, and quality as natural diamonds but usually lesser in price. So, you might want to get more bang for your buck.

Consider Four C’s Before Buying Lab Grown Diamonds:

You must be thinking that lab-grown diamonds will be perfect as they are created by a man in a lab. However, that’s not true. Although they are grown under controlled conditions, but lab-grown diamonds are still not perfect and flawless. 

These diamonds are produced under conditions that are much similar to the conditions in which natural diamonds are formed. You could expect a lot of imperfections as they go through both processes. 

So, you have to consider the four C’s before buying a lab-grown diamond. 

  • Colorless 
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Cut

Colorless lab-grown diamonds are available in faint yellow or brown shades and sometimes may appear truly colorless. Manufacturers use the same color scale to grade both mined and lab-grown diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamonds also have different inclusions that usually affect the clarity grades. Inclusions are small errors that appear during the production process. However, during the creation of natural diamonds, manufacturers cover these flaws by using foreign materials like water, gas, or minerals. You may find some tiny cracks in natural diamonds as well because they undergo very high pressure.

You will find lots of similar cracks and errors in lab-grown diamonds because they go through extreme pressure which mainly changes the appearance of diamonds. It is also much popular for graphite inclusions that usually appear in lab-grown diamonds. Now, most of these inclusions are quite small that cannot see them with naked eyes unless you magnify them. Hence, this is also a problem with natural diamonds. The clarity scale of both diamonds is usually the same.


Now when it comes to evaluating cut and carat, keep in mind that they are also evaluated in the same way as mined diamonds. But lab-grown diamonds feature an amazing advantage in the cutting process. 

The additional material extracted from a finished diamond gem is usually discarded by the manufacturers which usually decreases the carat size of the diamond. However, many manufacturers skimp on the cut so they can preserve the size of the diamond, which results in a very good cut. We cannot conclude it is excellent or ideal, but it’s good and attractive. This looks more common when the diamond is large or near to 1 or 1.5-carat weight. 

Buying Lab Grown Diamonds:

When it comes to buying lab-grown diamonds, keep in mind that their process is much similar to buying a mined diamond. Especially when you are buying online, make sure you choose the right services. Do not forget to check the properties of diamonds before you buy. 

When you buy diamonds from reputable manufacturers like Provence Gems, you will find detailed information about every feature and property of lab-grown diamonds such as their color, cut, color, and different measurements. Since they create lab-grown diamonds in a controlled environment and have a team of proficient manufacturers, there are more chances of finding a dazzling, sparkling natural piece.

Before buying lab-grown diamonds, do not forget to check the photos and videos. When you clearly see their high-resolution pictures and videos, you may end up buying a stunning piece of lab-grown diamond. Also check, how the diamond interacts with light.

Before buying, make sure the lab-grown diamond is available with a complete grading report! For example, reports from IGI, GIA, HRD, and GCAL are authentic and popular for lab-grown diamonds.

Concluding Thoughts:

Lab-grown diamonds are beautiful and cost-effective alternatives to natural diamonds. If you want to buy them, make sure you read the above facts and choose a reliable manufacturer who has an excellent track record in providing lab-grown diamonds. 

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