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How to Choose a Suitable Bracelet?

July 30, 2021

The bracelet has always been more common and classic jewelry, wearing a bracelet allows women to show their dignity and elegance. The bracelet will have different sizes, so the wearers must measure the size of their wrists while purchase.

What needs to be attention is the combination of the bracelet and the wrist.

The wrist is a slender part of the body. It will easily guide the sight of others with the movement of the hand, and affect others’ impression of you. The style of the bracelet needs to cooperate with the thickness of the wrist and the obvious degree of bones, and express the unique style of self in time.

How to choose a suitable bracelet

Choose according to the wrist:

  1. Slender wrists and obvious bones. This type of person is suitable for wearing two basic chains to make the wrist more feminine.
  2. Plump wrists and the bones are not obvious. The bracelet style of this kind of people should be a wider model chain or theme chain, bright and generous.
  3. Slender wrist and the bones are not obvious. It is a perfect wrist, suitable for any basic chain, modeling chain or theme chain.
  4. Plump wrists and the bones are obvious. Suitable for personalized styling chains or theme chains, so that the bracelet can turn the attention from your wrist to the bracelet.

How to choose a suitable bracelet

Choose according to the occasion:

  1. When attending a party, people will tend to wear more dazzling fashion clothing. At this time, you should choose simple but colorful styles for bracelet accessories, and pay attention to the focus of matching to highlight your personal taste.
  2. In the workplace, it is not suitable for too fancy and colorful bracelets, so you can choose a chic and simple bracelet, which can not only avoid affecting the flexibility of the hands, but also highlight the capable side of women in the workplace and add points to the overall look.