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How to Choose a Wedding Band that Matches Your Engagement Ring?

September 25, 2021

After saying YES to your future husband, you both choose a pretty engagement ring that perfectly sits on your finger. And it probably feels like a heavyweight has been lifted off your shoulder. Because choosing a perfect ring is a daunting task as you are already overwhelmed with a lot of options. 

But wait! Your ring journey is still not over. After finding a beautiful engagement ring, now it’s time to buy a wedding band that exactly matches your engagement ring. 

While you will find many brands that offer both engagement rings and matching wedding bands, but many brands do not. And then it gets difficult to find a wedding band that matches well with your engagement ring. Especially if the ring has some unusual stone or shape, then things get more difficult.

Since you are going to wear these two rings together forever, so it’s important to check their flow and relevancy. They should feel like a match created in heaven.

With that being said, there are lots of options to consider for choosing a matching wedding band. But remember, in the process of finding a wedding band, your engagement ring should always be a star of the show.

Choosing a Metal:

You have often observed that engagement rings and wedding bands are usually crafted with the same metal, so most people prefer to use the same metal for both rings. However, this isn’t necessary. You should think out of the box and bring some creative ideas. Do not be afraid to mix the shapes and colors of metals. In fact, mixed wedding bands always give a unique and modern look.

If you need some inspiration, have a look at this beautiful art deco anniversary wedding eternity band ring that features a half-band of shimmering moissanite and looks incredible when you choose a 10K rose gold metal type. Yellow gold and white gold also make the set pop and unique in shape.

Decide on the types of wedding bands:

After settling for the metal in your ring, next thing is to decide on the type and style of your wedding band. Now you need to choose whether the wedding band should sit flush against the existing ring, or if you want a small gap between the two rings.

Well, most of the time this usually depends on the shape of your engagement ring.

Let’s look at the types to get more ideas about your wedding band.

  • Classic wedding bands:

If you are not interested in making a gap between two rings, it’s recommended to use classic wedding bands. This is a simple kind of wedding band with no embellishments attached.

Then here comes the eternity wedding band that contains pavé diamonds embellished all over the band. And the third is the channel-set wedding band that has a unique way to mount diamonds. 

You can also choose infinity wedding bands that contain infinity symbols throughout the ring; this is a popular choice, but it won’t rest flushed with the engagement ring.

For example, this Classic round moissanite eternity ring band is so flawless for every style and budget. It has milgrain detailing that adds a lively glimmer to your ring.

  • Contoured wedding bands:

If the setting of your existing ring is not so high, and you think a band won’t adjust under the center stone then you can choose the band that sits flush against your engagement ring in a contoured style. 

Because the contoured style wedding band is actually designed to match the overall curvature of your ring. When you look at the front, the band would follow the contours of the engagement ring- which means it can perfectly sit against it. The style is popular, elegant, and looks stunning.

  • Notched Wedding bands:

Here you have another option to achieve a flush look, get a notched wedding band. 

Unlike your contoured band, the notched wedding band will completely look straight. This wedding band has a notch that helps two rings fit together just like a puzzle. The stone could perfectly fit in that notch and looks very chic and distinctive from other common styles.

Always keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing rings:

We know that many people do not consider this important factor before buying a wedding or engagement ring. However, this should be an important thing for both partners.

Because we have seen many people prefer to wear the wedding bands every day. It becomes a part of their lifestyle. So, if this sounds like your lifestyle too, it’s best to get the rings that go well with your everyday life. 

Like if you are an active person who goes to the gym every day, or uses your hands frequently for work, then it’s important to choose a durable and comfortable wedding band that doesn’t irritate you when worn with the engagement ring. Plus, its style should also be long-lasting, so it won’t get damaged.

This also points to care and maintenance. If your engagement ring and wedding band are more intricate, then you have to do proper care to maintain them in tip-top shape. And if you are not someone who maintains things with such care, then a simple and fuss-free diamond ring is perfect that never goes out of trend.

Shopping tips to consider when buying matching wedding bands:

One of the best tips to consider when buying matching wedding bands is, use your engagement ring and demonstrate its style carefully. Although sometimes you often love the idea of wearing a wedding band without an engagement ring, however, when you wear it with the engagement ring, they should look good together.

You can visit your jeweler and try different rings they have. You will find styles that you haven’t seen before. So, when you are going to decide about a wedding band, choose the one you love wearing for a lifetime. 

Also, make sure the ring is comfortable and looks great with every outfit you wear.

Another recommendation is, go online and find reputable brands that offer high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands while incorporating moissanite and Lab-grown diamonds as the main stone to customize every piece of jewelry.

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