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How to Clean and Take Care of Your Moissanite Engagement Ring?

March 10, 2022

Moissanite is probably the second most beautiful and popular jewelry in the world- diamond is of course the first. But it doesn’t mean that people do not prefer moissanite. It is the most affordable, elegant, and durable choice. 

Especially when it comes to buying an engagement ring, most people love choosing moissanite over diamonds due to its stunning features and sparkly appearance.

Moissanite is very hard, scratch-resistant, and can easily handle tough pressure. This makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear. However, like other jewelry types, it also needs special cleaning, care, and maintenance.

Honestly, maintaining a moissanite ring is not tough as long as you are implementing the right practices. Here we have outlined some awesome methods to clean and take care of your moissanite engagement ring so next time you don’t have to put it out of your finger due to its dullness and rough look.

Keep Things Simple, Clean Moissanite at Home!

If you want to keep things simple and don’t want to spend tons of money on moissanite cleaning. The best way is to clean the jewelry at home using simple tricks and methods.

You can use mild soap but it should be of high-quality, warm water as well as a soft cleaning cloth. Now mix the solution and place your moissanite ring in it. After that, brush it gently and clean some hard-to-reach areas with a soft toothbrush. Once you clean it, rinse thoroughly and get rid of all the soapy residue.

Make sure you dry the ring with a dried and lint-free cloth.

Consider the Help of Commercial Jewelry Cleaners

If you want some outstanding cleaning, then it is better to choose professional help as they can assure perfect cleaning and maintenance in the long run. They can clean your moissanite engagement ring with more than simple soaps and water. Therefore, make sure you choose the right commercial jewelry shops that apply some special formula for cleaning gemstones like diamonds, moissanite, or corundum.

Thus, the experts use some non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaner for a sparklingly clean look of your ring.

Use Ammonia for Perfect Shine and Cleaning

Have you ever used ammonia for cleaning jewelry? If not, then you may be wondering why should we use Ammonia as it’s a strong chemical and can damage the stones. But the fact is, Ammonia is safe. It is basically the best natural product that can effectively clean your moissanite jewelry. If you feel that your skin is sensitive to ammonia, then it is recommended to wear goggles, gloves, and other equipment for proper protection.

Here is a process to make the solution. Dilute a small or 1 part of ammonia with just 1-2 parts of warm water. After that, put your jewelry in the solution, and use some soft brush or cloth to clean the jewelry perfectly. Once you are finished with the cleaning, gently wash it with soap and water, or rinse it under fresh water.

Use Ultrasonic Cleaners

If the sparkle of your stone has little faded, then you can easily restore it by using ultrasonic cleaners. It features a lot of intense vibrations that can efficiently help you get rid of all the dirt and grime of the stone. Many jewelers in the US prefer to use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning jewelry professionally. 

However, if the stone of your ring is engraved in a fragile setting like pave setting, then it is recommended to avoid using the ultrasonic cleaner because it may cause all the stones to fall off.

Use Silver Polishing and Toothbrush for Cleaning Moissanite oil slick

Moissanite oil slick is basically the oily appearance that exists on the stone surface which usually appears like rainbow stains due to some organic film. This is not permanent and you can easily remove it by cleaning.

You can simply clean this oil slick by following the recommendations of top moissanite retailers. They recommend using silver polish as well as a soft toothbrush. Make sure you choose the best silver polishing cream and then apply it to the surface of the brush. After that, clean the moissanite with a brush and then rinse it off. In the end, the oil slick would gradually fall off and the stone will sparkle as new. You can follow the trick when your ring gets dull.

Things to Avoid for Cleaning Your Moissanite Ring

Just like you use different substances to clean the ring, there are multiple ones as well that you should avoid for cleaning the moissanite ring.

Harmful Substances

Avoid using all the aggressive and harmful chemicals for cleaning your moissanite ring. All these chemicals include cosmetics, household detergents, chlorine, and hair sprays. These chemicals directly impact the look and shine of your moissanite, they further add up to all the grime build-up as well as damage the overall appearance of your stone.

Do Not Keep Moissanite with Other Jewelry

Moissanite is an extremely hard material. This means moissanite jewelry can scratch other soft jewelry items when you place everything together in a box. So make sure you store moissanite jewelry in some separative pouch to avoid any fading of other items.

Rough Exposure

Yes, that’s true. Since moissanite is very tough, it can easily withstand any kind of rough exposure or damage. But still, it could get damaged when exposed to certain situations. Hard impacts with the grain can ultimately cause problems and get the material to chip. 

So, if you are engaged in any tough physical activity like gardening, sports, or hiking, then put off your moissanite ring so it couldn’t get scratched or damaged.

Ending Thoughts

Buying a moissanite engagement ring is a tough choice, but taking good care of the ring is even tougher. So first, make sure you choose reliable manufacturers for moissanite jewelry like Provence Gems and then follow all the above tips and tricks for its maintenance and cleaning. If you need some expert suggestions, please consult with the professionals of Provence Gems who can guide you throughout the process.