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Is moissanite better or zircon?

November 9, 2022

When people buy a diamond collection, what they are looking for is their eye-catching sparkle. Wearing them buling buling is visually very satisfying and can effectively attract the attention of the next person. Moissanite and zirconia are always in the limelight as fashion frontrunners. After all, any single hand is very shiny and dazzling.

As for natural diamonds we will not talk about them today, after all, the price is there, they do not have the so-called what is the difference between real and fake diamonds, after all, moissanite is also stipulated as a diamond by the International Jewelry Association. Today, let’s talk about how to choose between moissanite and zircon, which is a big problem for everyone.

First of all, moissanite. The fire color of moissanite is obviously stronger than zircon from the naked eye, a light to hit the blind, due to its own material has birefringent characteristics, his fire color is even better than natural diamonds. It is even better than natural diamonds due to the birefringence of the material. And because of its hardness, moissanite is very wearable and can be worn for a long time.

In contrast, the hardness of zircon is much less, only about 7, at first wear or OK, but a long time to wear, it is relatively easy to cause wear, reflected in the lack of flash. So, all in all, the price is about the same, or moissanite is more worth having.

But in terms of price, buying moissanite is a bit of an eye test.

The price of moissanite, like zircon, ranges from a few dozen to several hundred, or even several thousand for various styles.

Why is this the case? The main difference is nothing more than the material and clarity of the moissanite itself, which translates to see if the production material is pure enough and the process is refined enough. After all, moissanite is different from natural diamonds, which are generated through artificial experimental technology, and are more pure and translucent if you put your mind to it, but sloppy if you do.

So, a penny is a penny, for example, buy a few dozen moissanite found not good-looking, not enough flash is normal, because the money spent is this. Of course, if you spend hundreds of dollars to buy a moissanite, wear it for a couple of days and find that it is not sparkling enough, foggy. Then beware, you may be paying an IQ tax, or your wearing needs are not met by this price.

xAt least moissanite is enough to compare data with diamonds, while zircon is industrial diamonds, in addition to the price, occasionally buy to wear to meet the sparkling heart or can, long-term ownership should be careful.