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Is the princess square engagement ring popular?

December 8, 2022

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so girls like diamonds, diamond shapes are round, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, square, which square diamonds are also known as princess diamonds, is one of the many cut diamond shape, belongs to the shaped diamond.

First of all, we can learn about the origin and meaning of princess square diamond ring to deepen our understanding of princess square diamond ring.

Princess square diamond ring origin.

Legend has it that the King of Belgium, when his beloved daughter was married, created a unique and mysterious square diamond for the princess, with four prongs representing love, love, cherished love, love, and the flickering light symbolizing the flame of happiness, which is the “princess square diamond” prevalent in mainland Europe.

Princess square diamond ring meaning.

The princess square diamond is a square with four equal sides and symmetrical angles. The four angles can also symbolize responsibility, courage, emotion and respect. The wide table makes it easier for light to enter the diamond’s interior, and the staggered V-shaped grooves at the bottom make the diamond shine; the angles are well-defined and the lines are clean and handsome, making it very personal; the princess square diamond has the same 57 or 58 facets as a round diamond, which is also the way to make the diamond reflect the best brightness; the diamond has 33 facets at the crown and 24/25 facets at the bottom, and the princess square has 20 facets at the crown and 37/38 facets at the bottom The cut is unique in that the princess square diamond table is larger than the round diamond table for the same score.

Is the princess square engagement ring popular?

The answer is yes, there are many people prefer square diamond ring, princess square diamond ring gives people a noble, quiet beauty, the table exaggerates the diamond more shining, wear in the finger, let women in the hands between more elegant. Even if worn for decades, it will stand the test of time and reflect its exclusive light.

How about buying a princess square diamond ring?

After reading the above, we should actually have the answer, buy princess square diamond is a good choice, first of all, the moral, the four corners of the diamond symbolize responsibility, courage, emotion and respect, respectively, can give girls a very real sense of security. Secondly, cost-effective, princess square diamonds belong to heterosexual diamonds, want to be less expensive than round diamonds, and because of the unique cutting method, so in the case of the same score princess square diamond table will be larger than round diamonds, better value for money, and finally, the beauty of the princess square diamond shape is more reserved, can set off a woman’s calm and atmospheric temperament at the same time do not show vulgar, do not worry about obsolescence!