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Laboratory Grown Diamond Applications

December 21, 2022

Laboratory Grown Diamond (LGD). This refers to crystals that are identical to natural diamonds in appearance, chemical composition and crystal structure, manufactured in a laboratory or factory through certain techniques and processes. A national standard for synthetic diamonds, led by the National Jewelry and Jade Inspection Center, is being developed. Lab-grown diamonds are not only used for jewelry, but also in many other fields.


A fresh source of traditional industry, complementary to natural diamonds, with more choices for consumers. Young people are more open-minded and have a high ability to accept new things, and most of them agree with the value of lab-grown diamonds after an in-depth understanding. When lab-grown diamonds are industrialized, it is time for the brand to speak, and whoever has a good design and strong marketing ability will have the pricing power.


Traditional industries. Oil, mining industry, production plants, abrasives, will still need. Traditional production continues, the demand will not be broken.


Diamond as a pure carbon carrier, has a similar but more outstanding performance with Si silicon, super high thermal conductivity, good light transmission, chemically stable, almost non-abrasive, mixed with impurities, it becomes a semiconductor. This is of great use. Diamond is known as a super material, and its application areas permeate a wide range of industries, including defense, manufacturing, semiconductors, consumer products, etc.

Radiation detection

quantum computing using NV centers in diamonds

magnetic imaging

optical prisms

laser windows

diamond dome for speakers

diamond transistor

The above is only due to the fact that laboratory-grown diamonds have not yet reached the stage of mass production where they can be highly uniform in quality, making it difficult to cope with the quality and quantity demands of the above industries. But with the advancement of technology, the future is promising~

Scientists expect diamonds to successfully step into the field of semiconductors, then our lives may be a radical change, electronic components geometrically smaller, and double the performance.