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Moissanite claw set each represents the true meaning

January 3, 2023

The sparkle of moissanite depends on the 4Cs, and its inlay is one of the indispensable elements to highlight its brilliance. Different moissanite inlay techniques can also reflect the style taste of the wearer. Here we will share the meaning of the various claw settings of moissanite, let’s see together~

Three claw setting

The meaning of moissanite three claw setting is the best expression of I love you, because the third letter “C” is equivalent to the English “Care”, meaning “care”, which means deep love for the other half. The third letter “C” is equivalent to the English word “Care”, which means “concern”. The three-pronged diamond ring also expresses a thorough and intense protection, and the three-pointed claw setting is the most persistent love and the perfect expression of indestructible love.

Four claw setting

The four claw setting represents a “once in a lifetime” love. According to the fourth letter “D” in the 26 letters of the alphabet, it is equivalent to the English word “Digest”, which means “understanding”. In love, we always have emotional ups and downs and need to tolerate and understand each other. At the same time, in married life, the status of the two people should also be equal and symmetrical, together to build a four-way warm port of love.

Five-claw inlay

In real life, five claw inlaid moissanite rings are relatively rare, five claw inlaid signifies infinite love. The letter E is the abbreviation of verlasting, which means eternal, just need to trust each other, dare to love, dare to hate, and create with heart, you will be able to go all the way to eternity.

Six claw setting

The six claw moissanite ring is the classic of all moissanite rings, and the symbolism is perfect!

From a professional point of view, claw setting is one of the few inlay techniques that can perfectly display the beauty of jewelry to the greatest extent, and claw setting is the most exquisite with six claws and four claws, to say that six claws inlay is an excellent symbol of Moissanite ring inlay technology, but it is not too much. So six claws means a kind of perfection, send couples means perfect lover.

Moral two: six claw inlay is the crown inlay, wear it is the other party to hold you in the palm of your hand, as a princess. According to the 26 letters in the sixth letter “Free” means freedom, meaning in love, marriage, should give each other due freedom, the right to keep secrets.

The six-prong moissanite ring is known as a token of eternal love. It is simple and generous in design, but flawless because the six-prong structure makes it perfect from any angle, and the six-prong shape looks like a tray with moissanite in the middle. The six claws are hollowed out between the ring arm and the six claws, making it look more layered and let in more light, thus making the moissanite shine even more. It also means that love should be firmly guarded.

Moral 4: The six-prong moissanite ring is also given a very romantic meaning. Its six claws signify responsibility, commitment, tolerance, trust, care and cherishing. Every woman wants to be cared for and loved by her lover, and in a marriage, a happy marriage needs many factors to be maintained, and it is also hoped that the marriage will be long-lasting, so these six qualities are indispensable in a marriage.

Group Setting

A group setting moissanite ring is an atmospheric promise of “love you all you want”. The group setting means that the two parties’ love journey is a journey of love, where hearts are set together and no amount of love is too crowded.

For a woman, happiness lies not only in the heart, but also in having a beautiful ring that her lover proposes, which is an extremely happy thing.

The ring is not only a token of love, but also the beginning of an important time in a woman’s life, and is a symbol of a man’s maturity and commitment, so we must not ignore this important link. Love is a lifelong companionship, and the ring is the proof of the love between two people in this life.

Moissanite rings are not only a symbol of love, eternity, and determination, but also have a sense of historical weight and heritage. Choosing a moissanite that suits you is not only a promise of love, a promise of the future, but also a reminder of the transformation from the past.