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Moissanite Cleaning & Care

July 5, 2021

Moissanites do need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean Moissanite will reflect light better and allow its fire and brilliance to show. That added brilliancy makes the Moissanite look larger than one that has been “dulled” by oil from the skin, soaps, cosmetics, and everyday activities.

One of the advantages of Moissanite over diamonds or any diamond alternative available is that it does not have the same affinity towards grease and oil. That being said it is still a good idea to clean your jewelry about once a month to keep them sparkling as brilliantly as possible.

Many people tend to mistake Moissanite for diamonds. It is a beautiful gemstone, completely colorless and possessing a different sparkle. The other thing that makes it stand out from other stones is the way it transforms the jewelry in which it is used.

The harder a material, the less easy it is to scratch. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, Moissanite is ranked 9.25 second, only after diamond (10) which is the hardest mineral on Earth. But there is not much difference, which makes it one of the most valuable gemstones on the planet.

Cleaning Moissanite at Home

One of the best ways to clean moissanite jewelry is to simply use a mild soap, warm water and either a soft cloth or toothbrush. Place the moissanite jewelry in the soapy solution, then gently brush the stone, taking care to get into the hard to reach areas. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly to get rid of any soapy residue.

Dry the moissanite jewelry well on a lint-free cloth.

What to Avoid

1. Harmful Chemicals

Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your moissanite. This includes household detergents, cosmetics, hair sprays and chlorine. While these may not directly damage the moissanite, they add to the grime build up and reduce the sparkle of the stone.

2. Storing Moissanite with Other Jewelry

Moissanite is very hard, which means that it is likely to scratch other softer gemstones and metals. It is best to store moissanite jewelry in a separate pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box.

3. Rough Exposure

True, moissanite can withstand rough exposure, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be damaged. Hard impact along its grain can cause moissanite to chip. It’s best to take of your moissanite ring (pendants and earrings are fine) to avoid damage when engaging in physical activities like sports, hiking, gardening and so on.

How Often Should we Clean Moissanite?

There are no rules as to when you should clean moissanite. As a general rule of thumb, once a month should be enough or whenever you notice the stone, or its setting, looking dirty.