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Moissanite vs. Diamond: What’s Your Choice?

November 18, 2021

Diamond is arguably the most stunning, expensive, and fabled piece of jewelry. It’s renowned for being a unique, beautiful, and hardest substance that comes in a variety of designs, colors, shapes, and styles. However, when it comes to beauty, elegance, and style, diamond is probably not the only gemstone that captures hearts. 

If you want something as astonishing as diamonds, but at a comparatively less price, then you can consider stones that look remarkably similar to diamonds. Yes, we are talking about Moissanites. 

Moissanite is made of silicon carbide which is a naturally occurring mineral and found very rare. The stone is similar to a diamond, however, it’s not a real diamond in nature. If you have never seen moissanite, it’s very hard to differentiate between the two gemstones because both of them are quite similar in appearance. Therefore, moissanite can be used as the best alternative to diamond. 

Now you must be wondering what are some common differences between diamond and moissanite and whether you should consider moissanite or diamond? 

So, let’s find out the answers to all the questions stuck in your mind, and discover the incredible differences between diamond and moissanite. Read the article till the end so you could analyze each detail completely.

Diamond vs. Moissanites- Major Highlights:

Let’s understand some key differences between diamond and moissanite before proceeding further.

Diamonds Moissanites 
Expensive choice Affordable choice
Hardest substance Less hard in nature
White light reflection Rainbow like light reflection
Exists in different color ranges Exists in yellow or green tints


Now let’s move on to more differences and find out what makes each substance the desired gemstone of every person today.

Differences Between Moissanites and Diamonds:

There are a lot of amazing differences between two gemstones that you might not know before. Let us pinpoint the major ones, so you could easily differentiate between them and decide what’s the right choice for you.

  • Durability:

When it comes to durability, diamonds are more considered more durable and sturdy in nature. They are the hardest known minerals and are usually measured as 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Due to their excellent durability score, diamonds are ideal to gift to your special person and can be worn every day. 

That’s the reason, people prefer to choose diamond rings for their engagement. For example, this round-cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice for males that are made of lab-grown diamonds and feature a natural cut to match high-quality diamond standards.

On the other hand, moissanite is not a durable choice as compared to diamonds. They are 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Though they are also suitable for everyday wear but maybe not be as strong as diamonds. Especially this 1.2ct heart-shaped moissanite engagement ring is also a great choice for your better half as its elegance and beauty would surely surprise her on her special day.

  • Brilliance:

Let’s talk about the brilliance of each gemstone. Brilliance is basically an appearance of light reflecting from the inside of the gem. 

Speaking of which, diamonds exhibit a unique kind of brilliance. They reflect in three incredible ways. The light reflected back is known as brilliance whereas different rainbow colors refract through the diamond are called dispersion. However, the beautiful surface sparkling is referred to as scintillation. This combination of three lights gives an extra sparkle to the diamond.

However, when it comes to moissanite, they exhibit a different type of brilliance as well. They have a different faceting pattern. They have fiery rainbow sparkles that are loved by many people, but sometimes people feel that their extraordinary brilliance gives disco light effects which irritate eyes. The bigger moissanite you will choose the bigger kind of sparkles it will emit.

  • Costs:

The costs of natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds are different based on their shape, color, carat, clarity, and cut. That makes lab-created diamonds a more affordable choice than natural diamonds.

When compared with moissanite, they are extremely lower in price than diamonds of the same size and appearance. Moissanite also varies in price based on its color, cut, and size and the fact whether its stone is premium or ultra-premium.

  • Color:

Color is the most significant consideration for most people today. 

As explained above, moissanite is not colorless. They often appear in light green, yellow, or gray tints especially when you view them under the light. 

However, the diamond gemstone is available in different color ranges. They could be strongly tinted, bold, or even completely colorless.

  • Electricity conduction:

This is a technical consideration that you cannot check by eye as it’s hard to analyze electricity conduction.

Diamonds and moissanite both materials can conduct heat & electricity in a different ways. There are lots of diamond testing tools that prefer using electricity so they can check whether this is a real diamond stone or another low-quality gemstone.

  • Clarity:

Since moissanite are crafted in a lab, their average clarity level is much more than naturally created diamonds. Natural diamonds are usually available with different blemishes and inclusions, however, most moissanite has some internal imperfections.

Can You Consider Moissanites as Diamonds?

According to expert opinions, moissanite cannot be considered diamonds due to all the reasons we have mentioned above. These two are completely different gemstones, from their color and clarity to their brilliance and durability level.

Diamonds exist naturally, they are produced from the hardest material and feature fabulous beauty, elegance, and value. However, moissanite is not a naturally existing stone. They are lab-created and made of silicon carbide. Moissanites also have lots of visual differences, such as brilliance or cut.

While when you look both from a distance, diamonds, and moissanite appear similar in shape. 

Now you must be thinking that moissanite is a better choice than diamonds as it is available in less price and yet have similarity in shape. So, isn’t it better to choose moissanite always?

Well, this is a question that nobody can answer, as both gemstones have their features, characteristics, and value. So, when it comes to choosing moissanite or diamonds, people often get confused and couldn’t decide. However, if you want to make a long-term investment and make someone happy, then the diamond is definitely a better choice. But if it’s hard for you to afford diamonds, and you still want to make your person feel special, then maybe choosing moissanite is a great option.