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What is moissanite?

About Moissanite

Moissanite, known as silicon carbide chemically, It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral, usually the material for crystal-like matters and astro industry. It’s appearance is simliar to diamond, so it always replace diamond as the gemstone on jewelry setting. It’s specs are very much close to diamond. The mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater located in Canyon Diablo, Arizona, in 1893, who had rewarded Nobel prize later. Natural moissanite is extremely rare so that no one would choose it to make a ring or two. Afrer a long term experiment woking, it’s finally been man made, and finally join the family of jewelry.

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Moissanite vs. Diamond
Moissanite Diamond
Durability Assess by Moh’s hardness, the harder the more durable. Moh=9.25, harder than most gemstones, hence it’s very much durable, perfect for accessories. Moh=10, hardest mineral ever, max durability, for top high end jewelry.
Spark We compare their spark at the same spot It sparks differently to diamond, it shows like rainbow which some people love to see, especially under sunshine. The bigger the moissanite stone, the more noticable difference both stones show. Moissanite’s refration spec is 2.65-2.69, the number is higher than diamond. it has three different light interaction, reflection causes white light, refration causes dispersion, and the dazzle on it’s appearance, it’s spark is noticably less than moissanite
Color the hue we usually refer. It’s colorless though, some light setting can summon yellow reflection or gray. The bigger the size, the more noticable it becomes. Colorless, it never reflects yellow or gray like moissanite, always dazzling the white light
Price It cost much more cheaper than diamond in the same size Many facters can affect the price of natural diamond, size, weight, cutting, purity and color etc. Lab grwon diamond is more affordable than natural diamond.
Environment protection It’s a lab create stone, no mineral requirement, for those with ecological awareness are more recommanded. Mining cause pollution, sometimes child labourer involved, but lab create diamond isn’t inclued

How to choose moissanite

The way we rate a diamond is based on 4C, while moissanite holds the similarity to diamond, so we can also rate it by 4C: Carat, cutting, color, clarity


The difference between moissanite and diamond’s price is that moissanite usually be named price by size, while diamond’s price is named by carat. Truth is moissanite’s density is smaller than diamond, the same size while 1 carat diamond is, the moissanite is 0.88 carat, so 1 carat moissanite is regularily 6.5mm. 1.5 carat to 7.5mm, 2 carat to 8mm, 3 carat to 9.5mm. Here is a list clarify the info below:


This index is too felxable to be noticed,  which buyers are usually unaware, but cutting is the second life of gemstone, with superb cutting, moissanite can be whole, the ratio, polished way, symmetry dress a moissanite, bad ratio causes light leaking which turns the stone spark lose, the easist way to find out is to twist the stone to check if it’s partly showing dark


The best moissanite ranked D color, from D-Z 11 levels, the best to the last best. We offer D-F


Moissanite is synthetic stone, in the process of it’s lab growning , tech will affect it in final, the fracture inside, crackle on the surface etc, it depends on the technology of manufactuers.

A good moissanite must has good clarity, be sure to choose the right one based on the 4C

Production Process

The crafting of each gem deserves all the effort it takes to make it perfect.

Focus on our Moissanite

  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquise
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Round

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