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Processing Times & Shipping

Processing Times

Our jewels are produced according to orders, we need some time for casting, polishing and setting gems. The time required varies depending on the item. Most jewelry generally takes 7-10 days. Special custom jewelry generally takes 15 days. Please refer to the page description.


Free shipping is provided for all items sold on this website. We usually use DHL/UPS/FEDEX to send items. Depending on the country, it takes 3 to 7 days. Shipping time reference.

America&Canada$25$25$33**Within 1KG3-6 days
U.K.$30$28$32*$20Within 1KG4-6 days
Australia$28$28$35$15$14Within 1KG4-6 days
Japan$29$22$19.80**Within 1KG3-5 days
Korea$22$22$20**Within 1KG3-5 days
Malaysia$18$23$22$10$11Within 1KG4-7 days
South Africa$50$45$59$24$26Within 1KG5-7 days
VIETNAM$17.50$23$20**Within 1KG3-6 days
India$28$21$25$13.80$18Within 1KG4-6 days


The destination country may impose additional import taxes. The recipient will be responsible for paying any import taxes, duties or fees imposed.

Declared Value

To prevent theft, the declared value of international packages shall not exceed $500 USD. If you have special requirements, contact us for help.