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Should I get an engagement ring or a bridal set

July 6, 2022

A bridal set, sometimes called a wedding set, is both your engagement ring and a matching wedding band. Engagement rings are given at the time of the proposal and wedding bands are exchanged at the time of the wedding. Your bridal set is your engagement ring and wedding band worn together. If you ask the question, proposing with a bridal set is not required.

Should I get an engagement ring or a bridal set?
Traditionally, you propose with an engagement ring only. While there is nothing wrong or bad with proposing with a bridal set, it is not required. If the proposal is completely unexpected, we recommend letting your future spouse pick out their wedding band to make sure it suits their tastes.

How to wear a bridal set
Tradition says that your wedding ring should be worn on your finger first so that it is closest to your heart. Your engagement ring goes on next. However, rules are made to be broken – in fact, you can wear your ring however you like.

engagement ring

Why do some bridal sets have three rings?
Some bridal sets feature an engagement ring and a ring  guard as the wedding band. A ring guard is two rings that are usually joined together (but not always) and surround your engagement ring.

A woman wears a ring guard around her engagement ring
Ring guards prevent your ring from spinning around your finger while also providing an extra sparkle to your hand.

When you see a bridal set with three rings, you may also see an anniversary ring stacked with the wearer’s wedding band and engagement ring.