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The Bold Earring Trends You are Going to See Everywhere

December 20, 2021

Earrings have their own unique way of pulling together every outfit you wear. They can easily accentuate your look and add a bling factor to your overall personality. Especially when it comes to turning the bland and boring looks into a stylish personality, then statement rings definitely do the job well.

From sleek designs to traditional and modern earrings, they take the crown as the most ideal accessory with every outfit you wear. However, with more advancements in jewelry, you may find a great change in earring styles and trends. From stunning small hoop earrings to leaf pattern design, there are a lot of innovative styles to choose from based on your personality and preferences.

However, if you are in search of some modern earring ideas for a statement look, then you need to consider these bold earring trends that you might go to see everywhere in 2022. 

So, without further ado, let’s read onto know some popular and highly anticipated trends that are everyone’s favorite and will surely make your personality look gorgeous in both casual and fancy events.

Modern Pearl Earrings:

If you want to gift someone a modern pair of earrings, then we would highly recommend modern pearl earrings for stylish personalities.

We know that your recipient will love the elegance they carry and the timeless beauty of pearls. Especially girls who are fond of modern jewelry trends love to incorporate this style into their everyday look. 

From distinctive shapes, designs, and colors to inspiring accents and gorgeous metalwork, these stylish pearl earrings will be going to be the top trend of 2022 that will be embraced by every lady.

Mismatched Pair of Earrings:

There was a time when the mismatched earring trend was not so favorite of many people as they believe it looks odd and super boring. However, with time and technology advancements, the trend was reshaped and now people love to follow it as it carries uniqueness and style.

Most teenage girls love this trend for its playfulness and style, while many people still believe that it’s not much practical trend that should be tried by every person. 

Due to these reasons, people love the versatility and style of convertible earrings that are available in different colors, designs, and sizes. These innovative earrings boast different looks in a single style, which makes it easy for you to create a matching or mismatched style based on your preferences and style.

Round Moissanite Pave Disc Stud Earrings:

A common but favorite style of most ladies today that complements every outfit you wear. These round moissanite pave disc stud earrings are perfect for every personality and taste. The best part is these earrings are comparatively more affordable than other earring types. These wonderful stud earrings comprise a moissanite cluster design and feature round brilliant cut moissanite by pave disc.

These intricate, small and colorless pair of earrings are a true masterpiece, making them a popular trend of 2021 and 2022.

Sculptural Earrings:

Have you ever worn sculptural earrings? If not yet, then let’s explore how they look like so you can try them on your special occasions.

You will always find something inherently magically in sculptural earrings. Geometric and sculptural earrings are an essential part of jewelry that is available everywhere out there. 

Make sure you pull back your hair in style, so you can let the earrings sparkle.

You will find sculptural earrings in various designs, styles, colors, and sizes. They are made of high-quality and unique materials that make your personality look gorgeous and attractive.

Drop and Chandelier Earrings:

Let’s try the fashionable/ stylish pair of earrings that you would love to wear this year are the beautiful drop and chandelier earrings.

These unique earrings are artistically and tastefully designed for every personality. Not only that, but they also add extra glamour to your everyday ensembles and give you an extremely elegant and sophisticated look. Another interesting part is these pair of earrings also give an ideal amount of emphasis on your collarbone and make it look more prominent.

Colorful Earrings:

Did you ever try colorful pair of earrings? Maybe to match with your outfit? If not, then let’s try something unique because old and silver shades of jewelry might look so obvious as every standard piece is available in these two colors.

Above all, it’s very hard to match these earrings with your outfits. For example, if you are wearing bold red, then silver and gold earrings might look odd. 

But when the beads and stones are in red and pinkish shades, your personality will look more fascinating. You can choose any color of earrings based on your dressing and style, but make sure you are not choosing irrelevant colors of stones as they might look a little unconnected with your ensemble.

Gold Hoops:

If you have gold hoops, then be happy! Their style won’t go out of trend ever. These earrings will be a staple and a stunning statement for upcoming years. 

Apart from that, you will see many celebrities and popular personalities donning gold hoops with different outfits. So, you can’t go wrong with this nice pair of earrings 

The interesting part is you will find plenty of amazing designs in gold hoops, and we are sure that you would love to try out all designs from simple to fancy and hoops with pendants.

Single Earring:

Wearing single earrings is a new jewelry trend that is going to stay forever. In fact, this is our personal favorite trend among all.

Especially if you are craving for the ‘less is more kind of look, and want to highlight your earlobes, then wearing a single earring might be your ideal choice. 

Also, the single earring trend is rising with time and will be more popular in 2022. So, if you have a very stunning piece of earring that you want to show to everyone, wear it with style- but in one ear!


So, this was our idea of bold earring trends that you might see everywhere in the next years. However, if you want to check for some more amazing ideas, then visit Provence Gems and check our extensive collection of earrings to complete your casual and formal look.