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The Differences Between Cultivated Diamond & Moissanite

July 17, 2021

The first thing to be clear is that Cultivated Diamond and Moissanite are not the same substance. Not only are they called differently, but the properties between the two are also different. The difference between Cultivated Diamond and Moissanite is described in detail below.


Source difference

① The source of Moissanite

Moissanite was first discovered on meteorites, and its main component is silicon carbide. However, completely natural Moissanite can only appear around pits, which means that it may be more rare than diamonds; and we are on the market. But 99.99% of the Moissanite purchased is synthetic.

② Cultivated Diamonds

Cultivated Diamond on the market are all made in laboratories, and there are two main methods:

  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) laboratory cultivation of diamonds: completely simulate the growth process of natural diamonds, reproduce the reaction of the carbon layer on the ground and convert graphite into cultivated diamonds;
  • High temperature and high pressure (HPHT) laboratory cultivation of diamonds: Natural diamonds of the size of sand grains or flakes are used as the matrix and slowly “grow up” into diamonds in the laboratory through chemical weather precipitation.

The Differences Between Cultivated Diamond & Moissanite

Difference in nature

    Although Cultivated Diamond are also produced in the laboratory, their properties are exactly the same as natural diamonds, while Moissanite is completely different. Mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    • Crystal structure: Cultivated Diamond “cube”, Moissanite “hexagonal”
    • Chemical structure: Cultivated Diamond “c”, moissanite “sic”
    • Dispersion rate: Cultivated Diamond “0.044”, Moissanite “0.104”
    • Refractive index: Cultivated Diamond “2.42”, Moissanite “2.65”
    • Density: Cultivated Diamond “3.52”, Moissanite “3.21”
    • Hardness: Cultivated Diamond “10”, Moissanite “9.25”


    Value difference

      Moissanite is cheaper, and Cultivated Diamonds are slightly more expensive.

      The Differences Between Cultivated Diamond & Moissanite

      Which is better?

      Whether Cultivated Diamonds or Moissanite, they have always been compared with natural diamonds in the market.

      Taking natural diamonds as a reference, Cultivated Diamonds are better than Moissanite, mainly because Cultivated Diamonds = Real Diamonds, while Moissanite is a synthetic “Gem” that is completely different from diamonds sold as a springboard for diamonds; But from the perspective of wearing, the bright sparkle effect of Moissanite also attracts the favor of many consumers, and the price is cheaper, and it can be purchased as an ordinary accessory.

      Buy Cultivated Diamonds or Moissanite? If the budget is insufficient and you want to buy a brighter daily accessory, Moissanite can also be purchased. If you have a slightly larger budget, you can choose to Cultivated Diamond jewelry.