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the proposal ring and engagement ring the same?

December 14, 2022

Stepping into marriage is a kind of responsibility to both parties, fidelity to love, and sublimation of feelings. Proposal, engagement and marriage are essential procedures in the process of love sublimation. But nowadays, many young people are not clear about the concept of proposal and engagement rings.

A, the proposal ring and engagement ring the same?

1, the proposal, is a matter between two people, has not involved the two sides of the family, is a reflection of the depths of love between two people. The proposal ring is generally given to the girl by the boy himself, without the girl back to send. After the boy proposed to the lady, at the time of the proposal, worn on the lady’s hand on it, the lady does not need to buy a proposal ring to the boy. In terms of the proposal ring itself, the ring does not need to be set with diamonds, but now some young people will still pursue the ring with diamonds varies from person to person.

2, engagement is related to the relationship between the two families. It is an agreement that has been decided to tie the in-laws relationship, the engagement ring symbolizes that the two people have accepted an approval from both families, a symbol of love between the two people, has been willing to enter the hall of marriage. Engagement rings are needed for both men and women to choose a ring, one to wear on the middle finger.

3, the wedding ring refers to the time we need both sides in the wedding, in the wedding day of the wedding ceremony, by our each other with the wedding ring, so that friends and relatives to witness our love. Usually wedding rings are specially engraved with names, initials, or a phrase that two people like.

A proposal ring is not the same as an engagement ring, and the proposal comes before our engagement. A proposal ring means that the girl agrees to marry the guy and the ring is usually worn on the girl’s middle finger. An engagement ring means that the two people have agreed to get married, and at this time the proposal ring can be taken off and put on our engagement ring. The wedding ring should be worn on our ring finger at the time of the wedding. The above is a small, collated to the proposal ring and engagement ring the same answer it!

Second, the wedding to buy a few rings

Three wedding rings are generally needed. One for the proposal and two for the wedding ring. However, this is also based on a personal budget, if the man’s budget is not enough, then you can buy only two wedding rings. Usually we can choose to propose without diamonds, but for wedding rings we usually buy gold, or platinum with diamonds. The significance of a pair of rings is that both individuals have one, and it is something that both people need to wear for a long time, representing the meaning that the person is married.

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