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The symbolism of six claw ring

November 25, 2022

The beautiful symbolism of six claw engagement ring

  1、Perfect love, infallible

  The six claw diamond ring is known as a token of eternal love and is the “diamond ring of diamond rings”. Its design is simple and generous, yet impeccable, as the six claw structure makes it perfect from any angle, symbolizing that your love is perfect and impeccable.

  2、Holds you in the palm of your hand like a princess

  A six claw diamond ring with a diamond set with a crown means that the other person holds you in the palm of their hand like a princess. According to the sixth letter of the 26-letter alphabet, “freedom” means liberty. This means that in love and marriage, you should give each other the right to freedom and confidentiality.

  3、Long lasting marriage

  The six claw diamond ring is also given a very romantic meaning. The six claws of the ring symbolize responsibility, commitment, forgiveness, trust, care and cherish respectively. Every woman wants to be cared for and loved by her lover. In a marriage, a happy marriage needs many factors to maintain, and the diamond symbolizes constancy and the hope that the marriage will last, so these six qualities are indispensable in a marriage.