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Three reasons to buy cultivated diamonds

December 6, 2022

Choosing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring will not come at the expense of clarity, quality or design. Here are three reasons to buy cultivated diamonds.

1. Lab-grown diamonds are competitively priced

When it comes to price, the advantages of lab-grown diamonds are obvious. Benefiting from a shorter supply chain, they are usually cheaper than mined diamonds. At the same time, for the same price, consumers will receive a diamond with higher clarity, better quality and more variety in design. What more is there to say about this?

2. Lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly

Mined diamonds may look beautiful, but they wreak havoc on the environment. For starters, they require huge machinery and explosives, they go deep underground, disturbing habitats, polluting water, making the land unusable, and producing huge amounts of mineral waste. Not to mention the use of energy and water, carbon emissions, occasional disasters or the release of harmful gases such as sulfur oxides. The production department of cultivated diamonds involves the ethical condemnation of blood diamonds and the Kimberley Process.

3. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced

You may have heard the term “blood diamonds” at some point or another and are familiar with the harmful and unfair practices of the diamond mining industry. From child labor practices to human rights abuses to bloodshed in the surrounding area to work-related accidents to health risks, diamond mining has no shortage of controversy and conflict. In short, diamond mining exploits the poor, causes war, the mines themselves are vulnerable to collapse, and workers are at risk for a variety of diseases. In contrast, lab-made diamonds cause zero injuries, zero wars and exploit zero workers.