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8 Tips to Buy a Perfect Engagement Ring

September 3, 2021

You are falling blissfully in love with someone and may have an inkling that one of the most special days of your life is on the horizon- Congratulations! It’s a time to shop for a perfect engagement ring which is surely going to be the one-time investment of your life.

So just like all life investments, you need to be very careful, knowledgeable, and smart in picking the right engagement ring so that you can be confident in your decision. 

Well, we know every couple handles the shopping differently. Sometimes couples visit together to narrow down their choices and some couples prefer to go individually to keep the curiosity intact.

Whatever you plan, it’s up to you! But it’s clear that picking the right engagement ring is a bit of an overwhelming experience. You need to consider different elements such as choosing the right stone, shape, quality, and various aesthetic preferences. 

So, it’s important to consider some tips and tricks before you get started with your ring shopping. Here we have compiled a detailed guide that helps you understand what things you should consider for having a dream engagement ring.

  • Set your budget first:

Buying an engagement ring is a stressful experience. It becomes even more daunting when you are short on money. Because you cannot afford to spend your two months of salary on buying a ring-which is why, it’s always recommended to set the price first and then narrow down your options accordingly. 

Before you go shopping, it’s best to do your research and do not be afraid to negotiate as these high prices are just the gimmicks created by sellers. Determine your budget according to your ease and convenience by also considering the specific desires of your fiancé-to-be.

Planning a luxury arrangement for your engagement is already a costly process, which means buying an expensive ring shouldn’t add up more to the expenses. 

  • Consider the style she would love the most:

Once you decide your budget, the next thing is considering her individual style and thinking about what design your partner will love the most. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is, look at their everyday style. Do they usually wear white gold, yellow gold, or a typical channel setting with small diamonds? Also, make sure whether they love vintage designs or modern ones.

You can also get insights from their clothing styles and accessories. What she wears every day would give you an idea about her style and preference. 

For example, if they prefer wearing floral or colorful dresses, this 0.85ct Colorless Pear Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring that features moissanite accents on the band is a perfect choice that truly gives dazzling effects.

  • Decide on the shape wisely:

When buying a ring for your partner, one of the most important considerations in choosing the best style & shape of a diamond. You can choose the shape based on your partner’s personal preferences. From elegant round-shape rings to oval styles and side stones eternity designs are the most favorite shapes of every personality.

Some people even love a classic style ring that features a halo style of pave-set diamonds, and some choose a 2.0ct Red Pear Shape Moissanite Engagement Ring Set that contains shimmering pave diamonds and look stunning with every dress and personality.

  • Get the right size:

Well yes, it seems obvious, but sometimes we mess things up when choosing the wrong size for our partner. With the perfectly fitted ring, you can keep the excitement and thrill rolling till the ceremony. But if your ring doesn’t fit properly, it would be hard to say that you have chosen a “perfect” ring for your most special event.

Above all, when you choose the wrong size of the ring, it also means that you will be required to send back the ring for resizing. And it can definitely take from days to weeks, which is a frustrating experience for both partners. 

If you want to get the perfect size ring, make sure you figure out the size of your partner beforehand by measuring another perfectly fitted ring from her jewelry. 

You can also follow the ring size chart. Measure the size of your partner’s finger and match it with the size mentioned in the chart.

  • Select the metal of the ring:

Your ring could be designed with different styles of metals and colors. The metal of your ring doesn’t only add personality to the overall item, but it also boosts the look of all the gems it’s featuring. 

Have a look at this rundown of some popular options for buying an engagement ring.

  • Platinum: This is one of the most attractive jewelry metals, and even 30 times rare than actual gold. This makes it a bit costly choice. Also, platinum rings are 90 to 95% pure as well as they do not cause any type of allergic reaction.

  • 18k Gold: When it comes to buying rings, gold is the most preferred choice of every person. The reason is, it’s the most precious and elegant metal in the world. Since 24k gold is quite softer for a casual look, 18k gold is comparatively a better solution for an engagement event. It has 75% gold metal and 25% alloys that determine the shape and color.

Gold is naturally yellow and looks rich in color, so this high-quality metal is softer than platinum. It is also very affordable.

  • 14k Gold: This is the most wearable gold type, which usually contains 58.3% gold as well as 41.7% mixed pure alloys. This makes it a durable option, but it looks a bit moderate in color and price as well.

  • Online vendors or brick and mortar stores?

With the growing use of technology and the evolution of online shopping platforms, we believe that online vendors are the best solution for buying your engagement ring. These are not only the most trustworthy choice, but they have a reliable inventory as well.

However, due to some bad experiences, if you prefer buying locally, then make sure you choose the trusted and proven experts that have years of knowledge and experience in jewelry making. 

After evaluating hundreds of jewelry stores around the world, we have found out that most brick-and-mortar stores are 30 to 90% more expensive as compared to the trusted online jewelry stores.

So, if you are in search of trendy and most valued gold or diamond rings, you will find them in an online store and not in your local jewelry shop.

Because of these facts, we recommend buying an engagement ring from online vendors instead of trusting your local store that might not fulfill your dream engagement ring expectations.

With online experts like Provence Gems, you won’t only get the best deal on rings, but you would access an extensive collection of engagement rings for all styles, settings, and personalities.

If you are still nervous or confused about buying online, keep in mind that Provence Gems offer excellent return policies while allowing you to examine the item thoroughly before purchasing.

  • Do some comparisons before shop:

Before choosing your perfect engagement ring for your fiancé, it’s better to take some time out to make comparisons. 

Do you want to choose three-stone rings or a luxury collection? Or do you just want to choose a Solitaire setting for more uniqueness and warmth? Also, make sure which vendor would be more reliable and trustable for your engagement ring?

Although it’s not that important. However, when you make comparisons, it will be quite helpful to get a perfect ring especially if you have two to three months for engagement. When you compare things, you can choose the right vendor, narrow down all options, and order the right piece.

  • Add special meanings to your ring:

When you add an extra sentiment with your ring that points out a specific story or history, it will add more meaning to your proposal and engagement. In fact, your partner will adore the way you invested time and attention while choosing a ring.

Fortunately, you can consider a lot of amazing ways to add some great sentimental value to your ring. For example, your family heirlooms; it looks so special when you choose a traditional ring and resize or reset it for your beloved fiancé, such as the one special piece your grandmother loved for years.

There could be tons of options and ideas to add a special touch to your ring. You can even consult with your online vendor as they already have knowledge and expertise in designing custom rings.


Buying a perfect engagement ring shouldn’t be a difficult process especially when you already have an ultimate guide to buy a ring.  By following all the above-mentioned tips, you won’t only buy the most beautiful and special ring for your partner but would also make it the most memorable day of your life.

So, do you need help in buying an elegant, sophisticated and affordable ring for your partner? If yes, browse through our extensive collection and treat your partner with an exquisite engagement ring,