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Top 5 Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

June 27, 2022

And because we know that engagement ring selection is important because it will tell your story, we’ve also prepared editorial staff favorites! We hope it will inspire you and help you find the perfect ring!

Step 1. Budget
Step 2. Choose the stone
Step 3. Resistance
Step 4. Different types of gold
Step 5: Ring Style

Step 1. Budget
First of all: you must define a budget. Laure Braive of OR DU MONDE explained to us that, in general, a future fiancé will spend about 1 to 2 months of his salary to buy the famous ring. The price range varies a lot, but is usually between 1200 and 2000 euros. It all depends on the size of the stone and the number of pieces. From 450 Euros you can still find a beautiful diamond. Even if you are madly in love with her, don’t spend all your savings on an engagement ring, because by definition there will be wedding rings, weddings and tutti quanti later!

You have two options, choose ready-made jewelry or custom-made. ma Joaillerie 3D’s Dorothée Dutel explains that , contrary to popular belief, custom-made does not have to cost more.

Anne of Atelier du Soleil Fou et de la Lune Amoureuse explains the advantages of having a piece of jewelry made to order by an artisan: “Jewelry is made by an artisan specifically for a person, and it adds value on very special occasions. Unlike industrial jewelry, handmade jewelry can spread.”

Step 2. Choose the stone
When we talk about engagement rings, diamonds are the stone we most often think of. Obviously, the first question that arises when we choose a ring is, “Are you a diamond?” A symbol of eternity and purity, the diamond is the most popular stone, “We mainly use one (or more) diamonds for engagement rings because of its solidity and symbolism,” explains Anne of Atelier du Soleil Fool and Amorous Moon.

The choice of diamond remains very personal and depends entirely on taste, and if she doesn’t like the diamond – yes – you can opt for the originality of a colored stone. Making a beautiful engagement ring set with rubies or sapphires is quite possible.

Back in vogue with Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the deep blue sapphire evokes loyalty and symbolizes love. Emerald The sparkling green color is a symbol of hope and fertility. If you are looking for passion and happiness, you can choose the ruby, one of the rarest deep red stones. For a softer and happier look, choose the aquamarine, associated with the sea Blue, which is available in many shades of blue: smoky, cobalt, blue-green or even blue-yellow. Gentlemen, if you are hesitant to choose a Dorothée Dutel tell us that, in addition to their many meanings, each colored gemstone is associated with the month of birth.

In addition to aesthetic details, you can also choose jewelry that is ethical and humane. Laure Braive tells us more about this theme: “The ring should reflect feelings. It is important that the jewelry itself is pure, that there are no human influences behind this engagement ring, and therefore that ethical diamonds are chosen. ” OR DU MONDE informs and certifies the country of origin of its diamonds and stones and their ethical origin to ensure that human rights are fully respected there.

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Step 3. Resistance
While the beauty of the stone is the determining factor, its strength should also be taken into account. Indeed, scratches and oxidation can cause your ring to deteriorate over the years, making it necessary to learn more about the complex world of stones and minerals.

The resistance of the material is measured on a Mohs scale. Thanks to this tool, we can observe the hardness relative to the minerals. It works from 1 to 10, taking as reference the weakest mineral talc and the diamond that occupies the first place on the podium. With this in mind, the favorite stones of brides and grooms are usually diamonds, sapphires and rubies, both beautiful and resistant, with a hardness of ten for the first and nine for the other two.

Emeralds rank eighth, aquamarines, with a hardness oscillating between seven and a half and eight, amethysts in seventh place, garnets between six and a half and seven and a half, followed by opals with a resistance of six.

Step 4. The different types of gold
After the choice of stone, the choice of metal is equally important. “We use only gold (18 carats), followed by white, gray, yellow, pink or red, depending on taste, ” says Dorothée of Ma Joaillerie 3D. If you want to surprise your future wife, you must first look at the rings she already owns and find out what she likes. If she doesn’t wear any particular jewelry, you can also do it according to her skin tone.

The choice usually falls on white gold that goes perfectly with diamonds and all skin types. Yellow gold complements sparkling colored gemstones and goes perfectly with women with darker skin tones. You can also opt for pink gold, see red, which owes its color to copper. It is a golden color that looks great on fair skin. Red gold, very popular in recent years, is an alloy containing only gold and copper.

If you choose white gold, Laure Braive of OR DU MONDE recommends palladium instead of rhodium. Rhodium-plated white gold is covered with a layer of rhodium that gives it its white color. This layer wears off over time and requires no maintenance, allowing the yellowish gold to reappear as it wears off. Palladium-plated white gold Contains palladium, which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

If you are with a beloved defender of nature and the environment, you can choose to recycle your gold and respect your beliefs. “Gold mining is the most polluting mining activity in the world. We choose to recycle gold to make jewelry that has zero impact on the environment. Recycled gold has exactly the same qualities as new gold, but better, because it has an impact on protecting the environment. The environment,” Raul explained to us.

Step 5: Ring Style
It makes sense to choose the ring that best suits your loved one’s personality. If she has a very classic look and wears discreet jewelry, then you should avoid giving her a surprisingly large stone! Also think of the ring according to his lifestyle. You need jewelry that will make her feel comfortable in her daily life and at work.

According to Dorothée of Ma Joaillerie 3D, this recent trend is vintage : “Recently we have returned to a lot of traditional rings with a slightly dated, vintage aspect and the shapes worn by our grandmothers.”

There are countless models of engagement rings, but we can distinguish between 3 main types of engagement rings: the single stone: a ring with a single stone in its center. This is a classic! An example of elegance and refinement, representing the groom’s commitment and love. One-shoulder single stone: A ring with a single diamond in its center surrounded by smaller diamonds, located on all or part of the ring’s body. Trilogy: The ring consists of three diamonds of the same size.

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Who says engagement is marriage …… Because two rings are worn on the same finger, you must consider the wedding band that will be associated with the engagement ring! Yes gentlemen, it is not an easy task, but we are here to help you and the smile of your beloved one will be the greatest reward.