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What are the characteristics of lab-grown diamonds?

November 16, 2022

Compared with natural diamonds, the obvious advantages of lab-grown diamonds are.

1, environmental protection: no large-scale destruction of arable land to damage the soil.

The mining of natural diamonds is a huge project, and most of the mining methods are large scale mechanical destructive mining, which destroys arable land and brings irreversible damage to the ecological environment. Laboratory cultivation of diamonds is created by scientists and engineers in a laboratory using the right amount of electricity and raw materials under the premise of protecting the friendly environment.

2、Conflict-free and guaranteed source: No unequal trade involving diamond mine safety hazards and child labor, crushing, etc.

3、All Type IIa: The quality of lab-grown diamonds is unparalleled, almost all are Type IIa grade, equivalent to Top 2% of the world’s diamonds.

4, cost-effective: natural diamonds are not popular in the recycling market, but the collection grade natural diamonds are also not in the consideration of ordinary people. Do daily wear, in the case of equal parameters, the price of lab-grown diamonds is one-third of natural diamonds. The appearance of a lab-grown diamond is the same as that of a natural diamond and cannot be distinguished by the average stylus let alone the naked eye.

Love or happiness is not defined by a diamond. If you look at diamonds rationally, lab-grown diamonds are a more cost-effective option.