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What is a cultivated diamond?

December 7, 2022

Cultivated diamonds are lab-grown diamonds that are produced in a lab using high technology, and they have the same chemical composition, physical properties, hardness, etc.

With the development of science and technology, our quality of life is constantly improving and there are many changes at the same time. For example, the emergence of “artificial eggs”, “artificial meat” and so on, these “artificial products” continue to emerge, but also affect our choice as consumers. Recently, the “artificial diamond” has become a big hit, and people like it.

First of all, cultivated diamonds are real diamonds, which are the same as natural diamonds, unlike moissanite and zircon (their own composition is different from that of diamonds), to give you a simple example to help you understand, outdoor ice and indoor ice, both ice, the composition and properties are exactly the same.

Second: there are two methods of cultivating diamonds HPHT (high temperature and high pressure method) and CVD (chemical deposition method)

HPHT: high color grade, no color change, few large diamonds

CVD: high clarity, low color, you want a high-level diamond need to change the color.

Third: the certificate has GIA (Gemological Institute of America certificate) IGI (International Gemological Institute certificate) and NGTC , cultivated diamond level grading and natural diamonds are exactly the same, so you can choose according to the level you want

Fourth: Price, the price of a cultivated diamond is basically half of a natural diamond, the larger the diamond, the greater the price difference