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What is a Three-Stone Ring? Why Should You Buy it?

October 26, 2021

You have found the most special person of your life, and you are all set to propose, but now you need a ring that is just more than a simple ring. You want the ring to be a highly symbolic icon of love that tells a story and makes her fall in love with.

So, if you want to elevate the symbolism and love to the next level, we will absolutely recommend a three-stone engagement ring- that features diamonds on each side and typically represent both your past and present. However, the central diamond which is comparatively a larger diamond symbolizes a happy and brilliant future together.

This means the three-stone engagement ring is just more a ring, it’s a pure representation of commitment, love, symbolism, dedication, and devotion.

It’s a traditional representation of your happy past, present, and future.

In essence, if you want a ring with elegant and beautiful meanings, a three-stone engagement ring should be your top priority. At Provence Gems, we are happy to discuss it so you can fully understand its significance and meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism of Three-stone Engagement Ring:

It was unclear how the three-stone engagement ring symbolizes past, present, and future and what other meanings are associated with it. However, with the advancement in technology and the evolution of modern jewelry, there are lots of things that get cleared.

So, what makes a three-stone engagement ring so special? What are the meanings behind it? Well, this type of ring is a sentimental choice for special events like engagements and weddings. It possible represent:

  • A family of three
  • Past, present, future
  • Three children
  • A life of three decades with each other
  • The holy trinity
  • Three diamonds of both smaller and bigger size, which means more love and sparkle.
  • Something extremely special and worth remembering

Why Should You Buy a Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

If you are still confused about whether it’s the right choice for the love of your life, let’s have a look below and learn some more important elements that make it a special and sparkly choice.

  • An added touch of symbolism:

We have talked about the symbolism of the three-stone ring, but it’s important to reiterate for deep insights. You have seen some other ring styles like solitaire or halo which are also quite elegant. However, they are not associated with any meaning or symbol. They do not tell a story. Your engagement ring should be a symbolic piece of jewelry which is why the extra touch of symbolism makes it a more unique choice.

  • Stunning, elegant, and sparkle!

The three-stone engagement ring is aesthetically beautiful, stunning, and has great sparkle. When three stones combine, they give an impressively cohesive look, which makes the diamonds look brighter, larger, and more amazing. When worn, you will clearly see how light, and sparkle reflect from three diamonds and make it appear more dazzling.

  • Suits Every Style!

When your bride to wears that beautiful three-stone ring, it will make her feel more confident and cherished. She will stand out from the crowd with that gorgeously created head-turning piece of jewelry. It’s excellent for a lady who likes bold, sparkly, and flashy jewelry. You can ask your jeweler to customize it according to her style and personality.

  • Plenty of design options:

Speaking of design, the best thing about three stone ring is, you can easily design it based on your recipient’s choice and preferences. You can customize it according to your design specifications, the diamond you want to add, and the color you want to choose. By changing the shape and color of stones, you can make it according to the theme of your event as well.

  • Not much expensive:

The costs of diamond rings increase exponentially with a great increase in carat weight. Now this means that your single 2-carat diamond ring simply costs a lot more than your two 1 carat stones. By choosing a three-stone ring, it can be easily used to your advantage as you are utilizing three small-sized diamonds, instead of choosing a big solitaire diamond.

Also, when you select gemstones only for the surrounding part, they will be comparatively less expensive than choosing diamonds, however, the results will be definitely as wonderful as diamonds.

Where to Buy Your Dazzling Three-Stone Engagement Ring?

An elegant three-stone engagement ring is not a small purchase. It can cost a fortune for getting that stunning piece of jewelry. By searching online, you can easily get competitive rates as you will have wide options to choose from. 

However, it’s extremely important to rely on a reputable and trusted brand for such a big investment. Choosing Provence Gems is probably your best option, indeed. They have an extensive range of three stone engagement rings and diamond jewelry. You can easily inspect each setting from different angles by relying on their groundbreaking methods.

With seamless customer services and amazing methods, Provence Gems has everything for everyone.

Some of their best three-stone engagement rings are, 0.6ct Cushion Moissanite Three-Stone Style Unique Ring with pear-shaped moissanite, 1.2ct Round Moissanite With Tapered Baguette Side Stone Engagement Ring that frames the central gem, and 1.2CTW Three-Stone Style Round Moissanite Ring that has brilliant-cut moissanite.

You can select your desired metal type and size, as well as check band thickness, stone clarity, and other details.


Concluding Thoughts:

Now that you understand what three stone ring is, its meaning & symbolism, and the reasons to choose it among other ring types, it’s easy to purchase by keeping these elements and features in mind. 

So whatever design or shape you choose for your bride to be, three stone rings have unique significance and elegance than other rings. You will also find plenty of rings that have evolved from the three-stone ring style, which means it’s a versatile option for people with all tastes and budgets. If you are in search of a perfect engagement ring, visit Provence Gems and have a look at their vast range of diamond jewelry so you can make the best long-term investment and make your special person feel more loved and extra special.