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What is the Most Popular Cut Diamond?

November 19, 2021

Choosing an elegant engagement ring for your partner is one thing but choosing a right-cut diamond is another thing that’s probably more challenging.

The reason is diamond gemstone can be cut into multiple amazing shapes. From princess cut to classic round cut, diamonds are available in lots of shapes and varieties. Each diamond cut sparkles in its own way as they have different features and characteristics. Especially if you want to go for a modern and unique look, then you have to decide the shape intelligently. 

As we all know that diamonds have quintessential sparkles that makes them an elegant piece of jewelry for occasions like engagement and wedding. But when it comes to choosing the right cut diamond for your special day, you often get intimidated by a lot of beautiful options. right? Therefore, at Provence Gems, we help you make a more informed choice. Here we have elaborated on different popular cut diamonds each with different features and characteristics. 

So, whether you are looking to buy a stunning engagement ring or wedding band for your big day, have a look at these popular cut diamond shapes before making a final choice.

Round Brilliant Diamond:

If you want to know the most popular cut diamond, then Round Brilliant cut is your answer. Round brilliant-cut diamonds usually look good as solitaires in three-stone settings. And for a more retro and modern look, they even exist in a geometric setting. If you are a bride who loves classic stones, then this is the most appropriate type for you. 

Total internal reflection is also one of the major points to consider this type. When light travels through the stone, it gives an ultimate sparkle and scintillation. 

So, you cannot go wrong with this brilliant round-cut diamond especially when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Its perfect example is a 1-carat halo round cut ring that accentuates the center gem.

Cushion cut Diamond:

In the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of this unique cushion-cut diamond style. This elegant design has even overtaken the most famous Princess cut diamond which was the favorite choice of every girl out there. 

Due to its square-cut combination that features round corners, it’s usually compared with a pillow- as the name implies.

This famous diamond cut has been around since the 18th century and was a huge hit in the 19th century. However, due to their elegant design, they surge back into popularity. Have a look at this 2ct cushion moissanite three-stone engagement ring featuring a beautiful three-stone design and have a stunning moissanite cut center stone. This is probably the best example of a traditional cushion cut style that amazes every woman on her big day.

Princess cut Diamond:

Want to feel like a princess on your wedding day? If yes, then nothing could beat the elegance of this eponymous princess cut diamond style which is another popular design with square or rectangular sides, making it a fabulous choice for almost every ring style.

A bride can get a more modern and sophisticated look while boasting this breathtaking design available at affordable prices.

Make sure you always select a protective setting because princess cut shapes are mostly known for chipping at their corners. Though a 2.1ct dazzling princess moissanite vintage engagement ring is totally a different choice that adds more character and flavor to your appearance. It features a shimmering center gemstone equipped with a square-shaped moissanite halo, making it an adorable option that complements your outfit as well.

Emerald cut Diamond:

Finding a timeless and versatile design is quite difficult today, but you are lucky if you choose an emerald-cut diamond that looks extraordinary and stunning. The emerald-cut diamond style is a most favorite choice because of its art déco aesthetics. It features the longest silhouette as well as angular lines that amazingly capture the clarity of a diamond. 

When set in a vertical position, its shape will make your finger look longer and slender. This makes it a perfect engagement ring. Some common styles are a 1.5ct emerald cut moissanite solitaire ring, 2ct emerald moissanite engagement ring, and 3ct art deco double halo engagement ring.

Oval Shaped Diamond:

Another stellar design is an oval-shaped diamond. It’s slightly longer than the round-cut diamond, but it has similar elegance and sparkle and is probably a great choice to give an elongated touch to your finger.

Due to its oblong shape, it is an out-of-the-ordinary choice for your engagement. 1.5ct jubilee oval moissanite crossover band ring and 1.5ct Oval Colorless Moissanite Solitaire Ring with Hidden Halo with glittering hidden halo is just a flawless choice for your big day.

Marquise cut Diamond:

Are you looking for something even bigger than other diamond-cut styles? If yes, then a marquise cut diamond is an absolutely perfect choice to consider. This design is also called the Navette cut and is popular for its regal vibe. 

Its distinctive silhouette features curved sides and pointed ends. Like an oval cut when you set it vertically, it will make your finger look elongated. It features a long and narrow shape that creates a beautiful illusion of a bigger size. 

1.0ct marquise shape moissanite ring set is an ultimate favorite choice of most ladies today as its classic style looks sophisticated and timeless that never goes out of trend.

Pear-shaped Diamond:

There was a time when we saw a great rise in the popularity of the pear shape diamond. Especially for engagement occasions, people preferred this style among other diamond cuts. Whether it’s set into a beautiful solitaire design or with pave shoulders, a pear-shaped diamond is always a preferred choice. 


This style is also known as a teardrop. The best quality of this design is the pear-shaped diamonds appear bigger than they actually are. Since it has a pointed shape, it works well in a bezel or half- V setting. 1ct Pear Cut Moissanite with Halo Engagement Ring is a prime example to consider which is an absolute favorite choice due to scalloped pave diamonds that beautifully sparkle with a gold halo.


The list of popular cut diamonds is not only limited to the above choices, there are plenty of others as well that look elegant and stunning. Visit Provence Gems to explore some more interesting diamond shapes that you may consider for your big day.