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What to do if K gold fades?

August 11, 2021

What is K gold?

To put it simply, K gold is the alloy of gold, and “K” is the writing of the loan word “Karat”. The complete representation is like this: Karat gold, “K” is gold. 24K is considered pure gold. At present, the most common ones on the market are 18k, 14k and 10k. 18K= gold 75%, 14K= gold 58.3%, 9K= gold 37.5%, and 10k= gold 41.7%.

Then why use K gold for inlays?

The answer is that compared to pure gold or platinum, K gold has better toughness and can be processed into a variety of exquisite styles, with rich colors and a larger choice of space. Moreover, the K gold has high hardness and is not easy to wear and deform.

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Does K gold really fade?

Before answering whether K gold will fade, we have to talk about the plating (electroplating) of K gold. What is plating? It is to coat a layer of film on the surface of the K gold. Because K gold is not as pure as gold, it only contains 75% gold, and the remaining 25% is other metals. These metals are not as stable as gold and are relatively easy to oxidize. The plating is a protective layer to delay the oxidation of K gold .

Next, let’s talk about whether the K gold will fade. 14K and above ratio K gold will not change color. 9K and 10K are easy to get dirty, and even appear the same color as oxidation. This phenomenon is called the surface dullness. We must clearly realize that the dullness of K gold exists objectively, but it does not mean that K gold will fade, because the dullness can be removed by cleaning and re-polishing.

However, there are also people who have experienced the fading of K gold. The following summarizes several reasons why K gold will cause the fading phenomenon of K gold:

  1. Not all K gold jewelry is electroplated, even if it is white gold, there are some that do not. Unplated white gold is warm white, while electroplated white gold is cool white, close to the color of platinum.
  2. The ring has come into contact with certain chemicals, which causes the K gold to fade.

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How to maintain K gold jewelry:

1.The place where K gold jewelry should be placed should be in a boring environment and not too humid; each piece of K gold jewelry should be placed in a different jewelry box to prevent scratches. If there is no special jewelry box for storage, the K gold jewelry should be used first Wrap it with flannel and put it in a drawer; the environment for storing K gold jewelry should be protected from corrosive chemicals such as acid and alkali.

2.Prevent contact with chemicals, whether it is K gold or other metal jewelry, try to avoid touching chemicals such as detergent, laundry detergent, perfume, hair spray, etc. Therefore, K gold jewelry should be removed when washing or makeup. Prevent damage. Prevent pulling: K gold is very malleable, so don’t pull the jewelry frequently during daily wear to avoid damage to the shape, especially the K-near collar. If you pull it hard, it is likely to break the chain.

3.There is also a polishing treatment mainly for K gold necklaces with signs of wear. In the process of daily wear, the K gold necklace will not only have dust and dirt, but will also be filled with subtle wear marks due to long-term conflict, and it will also reduce the brightness of the K gold necklace. In ordinary days, the surface of the K gold can be polished by lightly grinding the K gold cloth with K gold cloth, but the best choice is to polish and finely plate every 2-3 years, so that the K gold jewelry can be restored as beautiful and bright.