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What Type of Engagement Ring Suits Your Partner’s Personality?

December 24, 2021

It may be mundane to many people, but marriage is pretty exciting for a lot of reasons. New dresses, cake, flowers, gifts, music, and of course the love between two partners. But how do the marriages actually start? How do two people come together? With a cute proposal. Right? And to propose to your partner, you must need an engagement ring!

So, whether you are proposing to your crush, being proposed to, or just about planning your wedding, you must be wondering which engagement ring should you choose for your partner that exactly suits his personality and he treasures it forever. 

Well, when it comes to choosing the best engagement ring based on personalities, you have a lot of options to choose from. For example, solitaire, three-stones, luxury, halo, and a lot more. Yes, we know it’s very intimidating, in fact, it sounds like a Chinese puzzle in which you get into a more befuddled state.

Due to their availability in various designs, sizes, colors, and patterns, it’s hard to choose the right ring for your partner makes his heart flutter.

If you are unsure about the engagement ring that suits the personality of your partner, then you are in luck. In today’s guide, you will be able to choose the best ring that matches your personality.

Ring for a Brave, Bold, and Outgoing Personality:

If these three words describe your partner perfectly, then it’s best to get a halo-style engagement ring for her.

The halo-style ring has a great amount of elegance and sparkle that suits perfectly your partner’s personality. Due to the shimmering halo design of the gems, the ring looks very attractive and eye-catching, which makes the center stone appear bigger and prominent. 

The most interesting thing is you can find a lot of halo styles in the market. You can choose from oval, pear, cushion, and different ring settings. For example, the 0.85ct Colorless Pear Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring and 1 Carat Halo Round Cut Ring are some inspirational designs that have pave-set diamonds and make the ring stunning.

Vintage Ring for Sophisticated and Decent Personality:

Have you ever met someone decent and sophisticated, and you instantly want them to make a permanent part of your life? If yes, choose a vintage-style ring for them.

People with decent, nice, and sophisticated personalities are usually drawn to the high-quality things available in the market, but the best thing is they do not like to show off. They love their personal space and like to buy things accordingly. Especially if your partner is fond of wearing vintage jewelry and already has a collection of those traditional items, then a vintage ring is surely a perfect fit for them.

Vintage rings are available in different unique, artistic, and beautiful designs and feature great attention to detail. They also make your hands look more elegant and tender. In short words, vintage-style engagement rings are wonderful, which is why they are the ultimate favorite option of most people today.

Solitaire Rings for Adventurous and Fun- loving Personalities:

If your partner cannot spend her life without adventures and fun, always look forward to hikes, picnics, camping, and different outdoor activities then make sure your engagement ring style should be Solitaire. This is the perfect style that could win her heart, for sure!

When you choose a solitaire engagement ring, you will find that it boasts a great classy style that looks stylish as well as lovely. Also, make sure the detailing of your ring stands out and you can easily pair it up with the wedding ring. 

Some perfect examples of Solitaire rings are 1.0 Carat colorless Marquise Moissanite ring, and 1.0 Carat Light Blue Moissanite Special Engagement rings that are created from pure lab-grown diamonds and moissanite.

Colored Center Stone Ring for Modern and Bubbly Soul:

If the person you are going to marry is an untraditional, bubbly, modern, and non-conformist but has a good soul & heart, then it’s recommended to buy a beautiful colored center stone ring for them that they could cherish for years.

Their colorful and bold personality will surely love colored stone rings. Especially if you know their favorite color, then make sure the ring features the same engraved diamond of their favorite shade. 

People like these already stands out in the crowd, which is why we believe that it’s important to give them a more distinctive look by presenting such bold and vibrant piece. 

Perhaps this 1.5ct Blue-Green Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Ring is an elegant choice for them as its blue-green moissanite gives a very chic look to the wearer.

You can also choose a multi-colored central stone based on their preferences and personality. But whatever color you choose, make sure it’s dark so it can look prominent.

Princess-Cut Ring for Simple and Minimalistic Personality:

If your soulmate is a simple and minimalistic kind of person who doesn’t like any complications and fuss, then the chances are, he might fall in love with a princess-cut or round-cut diamond ring. 

These kinds of personalities are usually not drawn to playful or colorful rings as their preferred choice is something unique yet simple. They also don’t like much glare and sparkle; they are happy with the vintage kind style that reminds them about the old days. Therefore, 2.1ct Princess Cut Moissanite Split Shank Ring and Infinity Twist Solitaire Princess Cut Ring will be their most favorite options that look unique and classy.

Final Thoughts:

We are sure that now you can easily figure out which ring style to choose for your partner that they would always love from the bottom of their heart. Every ring style says a lot about a person, but when you choose a wrong style that goes against the personality of a wearer, then it might not be a good sign. So before choosing a ring, make sure you do proper research and find something fascinating that touches the heart of your partner.

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