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Why are cultivated diamonds so popular?

November 5, 2022

Currently, cultivated diamonds are already in the windows of major jewelry brands, and their strong entry into the market is inevitable. Cultivated diamonds are technically mature and have the same “longevity” as natural diamonds. The price is much lower than that of natural diamonds, and with the label of “eco-friendly diamonds”, more environmentally conscious consumers are inclined to buy cultivated diamonds.

Especially since the era of the epidemic, no one can say when they will face the dilemma of eating their old money at home. This has forced people to learn to “keep their wallets tight”, especially as natural diamonds are, for most people, “one diamond forever” followed by “one on bankruptcy”.

For example, the difference between a cultivated diamond and a natural diamond is the same as the difference between a chemically produced ice cube and a natural frozen ice cube. It is essentially ice, but the environment in which it is formed is different. This is the case with cultivated diamonds and natural diamonds, which are really just differences in the environment in which they are grown.

Cultivated diamonds, which translate directly to artificially grown diamonds, are crystals that have been artificially condensed at high temperatures and pressures through scientific research techniques that simulate the growth environment of natural diamonds. Their physical and chemical characteristics are so identical that even professionals cannot distinguish them with the naked eye. Professional jewelry appraisers have also issued judgments that cultivated diamonds are diamonds.

A number of cultivated diamonds have been tested in the field and the result is that cultivated diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. The best quality cultivated diamonds require the most accurate and large instruments to identify.
Cultivated diamonds can be a perfect “clone” of natural diamonds, not to mention the average person, even professionals can not tell whether they are wearing a cultivated diamond or a natural diamond. It’s a great way to propose, and it’s a great way to satisfy your sweetheart’s “carat dream”.

Moreover, as the research technology of lab-grown diamonds continues to advance, the clarity of cultivated diamonds is gradually surpassing that of natural diamonds. This means that the price of cultivated diamonds will also have a lot of room to fall.