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Why is the 6-prong design so famous?

August 21, 2021

The 6-prong ring style can best highlight the brilliance of the diamond and the external shape of the diamond, and the 6-prong inlaid ring is firm and does not easily cause the diamond to fall off, so it is deeply loved by everyone and has become a classic ring style in the hearts of consumers.


The 6-prong ring was born in the United States in 1886. Tiffany had dreamed of having a ring that perfectly symbolized true love and each other between lovers. So Tiffany’s 6-prong ring was launched. With an innovative platinum 6-prong inlay design, the Tiffany diamond was set on the ring to maximize the set-off of the stone, so that its light can be refracted in all directions with the cut surface, and the blooms. The unprecedented and extremely dazzling brilliance has allowed the world to discover the original beauty of jewelry and the charm of minimalist style and has become the inventor of the 6-prong ring that is admired by countless women today.

Classic 6-Prong Solitaire Brilliant Round Cut Moissanite Ring


1. The claw setting is very firm, and it can hold the stone firmly to ensure its safety;

2. It can make the stone more prominent and eye-catching, the light is refracted from all directions, and its dazzling luster is very bright from all aspects;

3. The prong-set ring is simple in shape and does not hold hands



If the metal is distorted due to the collision of external forces, it may cause the stone to fall off

3ct Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accent Stone

Main points of maintenance for claw-set ring:

1. When cleaning, pay attention to whether the junction between the metal claw and the stone”hides dirt”;


2. Every 6-12 months, you need to send the ring to a professional jewelry store for inspection to prevent the twisting and breaking of the prongs.


The simpler the style, the more attractive it is, and it will never be outdated, which is why so many people like it. There are also many prong-set of rings on our website for you to choose!