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Why Should You Choose a Lab-Grown Diamond Ring?

November 21, 2021

Lab-grown diamonds look fantastic. They are real, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly. Not only that, but they are also much affordable than naturally crafted diamonds. For proof, look no further than Provence Gems that has a record of creating stunning lab-grown diamond rings for engagement, weddings, and different occasions.

Even though they are new to the market, but they are expected to see a great surge in popularity in upcoming years. According to a recent estimate, the popularity and search of lab-grown diamonds are increased by 2000% in the last few years. Especially among the young generation, these man-made diamonds are a huge hit. Whether you want to propose to your crush or looking for a pleasant gift to surprise your significant other, lab-grown diamond rings are probably an ideal option to consider.

What’s more interesting is they are optically and chemically the same as originally mined diamonds. 

In essence, lab-grown diamonds are the future of jewelry and undoubtedly one of the preferred choices of every woman out there. So, if there is still a question popping in your mind that why should I buy lab-grown diamonds, then let’s find out everything about lab-grown diamonds and what makes them special among other options.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Environmentally Friendly:

Mined diamonds have unique sparkle, shape, and color. They look fantastic. But sadly, they create havoc on the environment. Yes, that’s true.

These originally mined diamonds always require massive machinery, equipment, and other harmful explosives that dig deeper into the Earth. As a result, it pollutes the water, creates problems in natural habitat, and cause tons of mineral waste. 

Not to mention, they use energy and water, emit carbon and create occasional disasters with the release of toxic gases like Sulphur oxide.

Did you know these traditionally mined diamonds generate 125 pounds of carbon per carat? Contrary to that, lab-grown diamonds produce 6 pounds of carbon per carat. 

Mined diamonds even generate 30 pounds of Sulphur oxide. However, that’s not the case with lab-grown diamonds as they do not produce any kind of gas. In short, total air emissions released on one carat of traditionally mined diamond are 1.5 billion times more than man-made diamonds.

And if we talk about water and energy usage, remember the mined diamond always consumes over 126 gallons of water as well as 538.5 million joules per carat. 

But when you compare it with lab-grown diamonds, they only consume 18 gallons of water with 250 million joules per carat. Also, the overall energy used in producing lab-grown diamonds is completely renewable.

Identical in Quality, Durability, and Toughness:

Lab-grown diamonds have similarities in shape with naturally grown diamonds. Their chemical, physical and visual composition is quite the same as natural diamonds. Therefore, lab diamonds are also equipped with the same toughness, quality, and durability as natural diamonds. 

Yes, natural diamonds are the hardest known natural material and scored like 10 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. But there is a little difference in the score of lab-grown diamonds that are 9.25 on the Moh’s hardness scale.

Due to this composition, lab-grown diamonds also feature the same quality, brilliance, and elegance as mined diamonds. 

What’s more surprising? Most expert gemologists cannot even find a difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond with the naked eye. Naturally grown diamonds are available in stunning white color that sparkles beautifully. 

However, in the case of lab-grown diamonds, they are available in different fancy colors that you can even complement with your outfit.

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Lab-Grown Diamonds are Affordable:

Do you know what makes lab-grown diamonds a preferred choice? They are competitively priced.

If you are looking for something as stunning as natural diamonds but in the lowest price range, then lab-grown diamonds are an ideal option to consider. As they are not frequently available like natural diamonds, they are available at 20-40% less price than mined diamonds. But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on their quality, durability, and looks. You will get the same tier of characteristics, clarity, consistency, and quality. This makes them an excellent gift for your significant other.

They are Ethically Sourced:

Everybody is aware of the human and ecological conflict surrounding diamond mining. According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that more than 1 injury happens in 1,000 workers every year during the mining of natural diamonds. However, the injury or casualty rate is almost zero with lab-grown diamonds. 

The basic origin of a diamond gemstone is extremely important for every conscious consumer. When you consider mined diamonds, you cannot even trace their provenance, there is no proof that diamond has been sourced rightly and ethically. This means if you want to buy a completely conflict-free diamond, then lab-grown diamonds are probably the best choice to consider.

Lab-grown Diamonds Offer Great Value for Money:

Lab-grown diamonds are not only the best conflict-free choice, but they also provide great value for money. These man-made diamonds are comparatively an affordable option as compared to natural diamonds available in the same color, quality, design, and size. 

However, there are a lot of reasons behind that. 

Mined diamonds incur a lot of costs for cutting, inspection, and polishing. The overall procedures are quite different before these steps. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, you can even skip the mining process. These diamonds have a shorter supply chain as compared to mined diamonds, which makes them a less costly choice than mined diamonds.

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Besides all the factors we mentioned above, lab-grown diamonds offer great peace of mind that your naturally mined diamonds cannot guarantee.

Lab-grown diamonds are sparkly, flashy, and look fancy. You don’t even have to spend tons of money in buying an engagement ring, because you have an option to choose a lab-grown diamond ring that looks as same as a naturally mined diamond ring. 

So, if you are searching for the impressive diamond ring available at affordable rates, do not forget to check our collection of rings at Provence Gems. You can find value, elegance, sustainability, and everything under one roof.